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Like many other young girls, I started having phone sex with guys I went to school with, then when I finished high school, I wanted to earn money for college and thought I was good at phone sex, so why no do it and get paid for it? I had a hell of a time with guys when I was in school masturbating each night with one or the other of them and now I talk to guys all over and get off with them as well. It’s worked out great. They love I’m still a teen, I’m nineteen and super horny all the time. I have a tight pussy and I love to caress it a lot. It’s one of my favourite ways to relax.

I usually masturbate in the morning in the shower with the shower massager, then on the phone a few times a night on phone sex calls when the randy men start to ring me up when I log on here. They usually have wives that don’t fuck them anymore and they get so lonely and have nothing but masturbation to satisfy themselves with but their own hand, so I am happy to talk to them while they jerk off, or join them when they ask me to and we can cum together. Many have daughters my own age and it makes them feel extra naughty to play with me being so young, but they love thinking about my tight, teen pussy.

Some of them ask me to put the phone down near my pussy and listen to how wet I get as I’m stroking my cunt for them and I like hearing how hard their cocks are as well, some tap it on the phone, I always laugh to think I got them that hard and I’m not even really there with them, just talking to them on the phone I can get them that hard. Why don’t you call me and see if I can get you hard, too…

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