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A lot of men are dominant, obviously, it’s how nature intended. Not all though fit into this box though, some like the female partner to be in charge and they like being led around like dogs on collars, sometimes literally. The idea that a woman is going to put them in their place is exactly what gets them off, and many times it’s men in positions of power, like cops, lawyers, doctors, powerful jobs where they are used to calling the shots and being in control. It’s exactly that sort of power reversal that appeals to them, the fact that they are not in charge and someone else has total control of their orgasm.

Men like that often enjoy spanking, being paddled, the old fashioned type of corporal punishments that may have been inflicted on them decades ago when they were in school and often by female teachers they might have been sexually attracted to. So now they seek out ball busting bitches that will make them suffer before they orgasm, if they even are allowed to and possibly might be put in a chastity device or whipped into total submission, or perhaps teased and denied altogether, with no orgasm as payoff for their suffering.

A man called last night that had been in a chastity device for nearly two months and he wasn’t allowed out for a few weeks more, so I asked why he was calling and he said his Mistress had instructed him to call and get further worked up and teased, even though there was no way that he’d be allowed to cum, I asked if he was aroused and he said his cock was dripping out of the cock cage, but it’s inner teeth were digging into his cock the more aroused he got. Silly men, I’m happy to get them riled up

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One of my callers was telling me about a “retreat” he went on last summer and how he’s considering doing it again this summer, but it was pretty brutal and he’s not sure if he can tolerate it again, but he’s thinking about it. He somehow crossed paths with a Russian dominatrix and he said she’s the meanest he’s ever been to and yet he loved it. He paid her thousands of dollars to keep him in a barn in the middle of nowhere for two weeks with not even a stitch of clothing.

It was very hot last summer, near one hundred degrees for many days on end and she drove him to this barn out in the middle of nowhere and she came by every other day and dropped off a couple of gallons of water in jugs and some meager portions of food for him. He wasn’t even given so much as a blanket to sleep on, he had to sleep on the bales of itchy hay on his bare skin and he was so far out he hadn’t a prayer of walking anywhere and as he had no clothes, he couldn’t go walking down the road in the nude.

He was left his cell phone, and he called me a few times crying about his predicament and if he’d get out of there alive and I laughed at him, saying you paid this woman to do this to you! He was never sure if she’d come back with more food and water, but she always did and at the end of his paid retreat, she took him back to her house to shower and get clothes on and then she dropped him off at his house. It left him slightly traumatized, but he had paid for the experience, so I didn’t have any sympathy for him.

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When a man calls up and is seeking a phone sex Mistress, he usually has s desire for cock. Some may be reluctant to admit it, yet cocksucking is a deep fantasy for man callers. They may need some coaxing into taking that cock for the first time, but usually after a few sessions, they have a well acquired taste for dick and they can’t wait to have a throbbing cock in their mouth again and again and again. I love to dominate little worthless worms. It’s so easy and fun to have them right where I want them, on their knees begging for a load of cum to be shot down their throat.

I cannot even count how many have called up and told me they can’t stop thinking about it yet they have been too reluctant to do anything about it and move forward to get real cock. I encourage them to indulge, they will just be fixated on it until they do. Some go to glory holes and suck the random cocks that come through the wall and then they call me up giddy telling me all about their recent cocksucking misadventure and how much it aroused them to finally do it and taste one at long last.

One called me last night, he still had the taste of cum in his mouth from giving his first blow job. He finally took the plunge and had posted an ad on an adult classifieds site and met up with one of the men that replied. They met in a parking lot in one of their cars, hardly romantic, yet he got what he wanted and he felt like he’d crossed the threshold into the beginning of his life as a secret cocksucker. He has plans to meet others as well, I hope it will be everything he hopes and dreams it will be, this new path of his. He told me in great detail about unzipping this guy and sucking on his thick cock as he stroked his own and swallowing that load of cum. I congratulated him and am sure he will be calling back with more tales soon.

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There’s many different types of female domination of her male slaves. Some want the whole whips and chains and leather masks, others are more subtle, and just wish to enslave their men. Some callers that have such fantasies are often into female superiority and even chastity, they want to serve women and be submissive to them in any way possible. They dream of being made to clean, serve, shop, garden, the most menial of tasks for Mistress is an honour for them to carry out.

It’s a more sensual type of domination, they need not be physically punished and kept in line, they do so willingly and realize what a true honour it is to serve their Mistress and be at their beck and call for any task, from cleaning the bathroom, to orally servicing their pussy and even the pussies of their friends. Several callers of mine have such female superiority fantasies and love to describe in detail all the things they would do to please me. Everything from chores to going to glory holes and servicing other men and sending me the proceeds they would make from their cock sucking for cash all to donate to Mistress.

Others that have a bit more willfulness to them do need to be kept in chastity, since they cannot be trusted to keep their hands off the goods. Slaves will only be allowed to orgasm when and if Mistress is feeling generous and allows it. It can be hard at times to keep a slave in line, sometimes they just get so horny, they overstep their limits that have been laid out for them. It is fun for me to dominate men, as I think most men need to be by a strong woman that thinks more clearly than they do.

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Domination and submission can be a fun and arousing part of sex play, even when on the phone. Some callers are either one way or the other, dominant or submissive, and they do not switch sides ever. Some however are switches, and can spend months in one head space and then go the opposite way. It’s always interesting to find clients that are this way, since you never know which way they are going to swing until they tell you what they are in the mood for that particular time.

One caller had me chain my ankle to the stair railings and email him pictures of my foot in chains to show him I was his property, even when not on the calls. Another had me draw a swastika on my forehead and chest to show how devoted to the cause I was to be a Nazi whore. I am submissive, so I did indeed follow the callers wishes to do this to myself and send them pics as proof. They very much enjoyed me playing along and feeding into their fantasy of dominating me.

To be their collared whore, their beck and call girl, their property, means a lot to some. Then they swing the other direction and they are the ones being forced into doing things, like putting on ladies lingerie, high heels, lipstick and wigs, inserting things up their asses, they can love it when they are told to do something and you are the one dominating them for a change. It can be a lot of fun to have them do these things for a change and they can get right into it, with props and toys and outfits. It’s amazing to hear all the elaborate plans they go to when they call up for some phone sex and a hot and sometimes creative masturbation session!

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You wouldn’t believe how severe some men that call up for cock and ball torture can be. It’s almost comical the scenarios they have in mind when they devise ways for me to think of hurting them. Some go into full on castration mode and I describe fully cutting off their manly bits. One had experimented with sounding, where you side a weighted rod down the cock and it stretches the urethra and is supposed to feel very stimulating. He was using things he really shouldn’t have though, and that’s not wise, you can injure yourself if you aren’t careful under the best of circumstances.

I suggested he try something different, so I had him fill up a drinking straw with water, with some tape at the bottom of it so it would freeze in the straw shape. So he had a frozen spike basically. He was on cam as I watched him and he slid the spike down his cock and the heat from his body made it go in fairly easily as it melted the outermost surface of it and he started to pump and as he did and it continued to melt, little drops of water leaked out from the tip of his penis.

He said the cold feeling actually was pretty neat, since his cock was so hot and he loved the contrast of the hot and cold. Temperature play combined with sounding. He could have just taken one of his weighted steel rods and placed it in the freezer for a few moments, or dipped it in a glass of ice water, that would work too. He came in a gush and the rest of the spike melted fairly quickly in the rush of sperm escaping his cock, it was pretty thin to begin with and that just finished it off.

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I am a cruel and mean bitch on the phone to my slaves that call me. Many men call for different ways to be made fun or, mocked, teased and humiliated. Racial humiliation is always fun. It’s not difficult to knock the lesser races, and they are paying to have me do just that to them. The blacks that call with their inferiority complexes and I only have to tell them it’s not just a complex, it’s a fact. Racial humiliation phone sex is very fun and easy for me to do.

They know they are not as good as whites and they love for me to make fun of them. Tell them they are of strong back and weak mind and were put on this planet to serve the other races. The slurs they love for me to heap on them, it’s very amusing to me to be able to freely call someone something they’d literally attack you for in the street if you called it out to them. But there is a time and there is a place. They crave it, especially when they are feeling sexual. Some even have white skank girlfriends to spit in their face and call them names as they are getting fucked. They know they are only good for labor, the ones that aren’t too lazy that is, and fucking the women of white men with undersized cocks. Many black men do know their place.

A Mistress is only too happy to point it out. The perfect Aryan Goddess that can put them in their place once and for all and show them what they are made for. Work and fucking. Racial humiliation can be so easy and fun, other races call on occasion as well, but it is usually blacks that call and they are very polite when they do as well, they know their place when they are dealing with a phone Mistress and that place is one of subservience and respect. They know they are lucky if I’d let them lick the bottoms of my feet or my ass. It would be a privileged for them to do so to me.

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It’s really not difficult to get some of the submissive worms who call here to cry on calls. I had one last night that was crying, a 27 year old virgin with a 4 1/2 inch penis. Oh what a pitiful case he was. Crying about how no woman anted him, still living at home with his parents, masturbating in his childhood bedroom, lamenting that even an escort would reject him and laugh at him. They very well might he seemed so pathetic! So there he sat, tiny dick in hand rubbing away to me, a phone Mistress listening to him blather on.

I guess it’s a good thing losers like him even have phone sex Mistresses to call, since their chances of real life success are slim to none. I pride myself on being good at small penis humiliation and forced bi, it’s fun to watch some of these losers take a cock down their throats and be a little bitch for me. Many times dolled up in lingerie, so many call while dressed up like little fags in their stockings, heels, bras, panties and garter belts. They love getting dressed up as they masturbate and many times love the idea of getting fucked with a strap on I’m wearing as I tell them to suck that dick that’s been presented to them.

They crave domination and humiliation, they aren’t getting it from their clueless wives, so they seek Mistresses to make it a reality for them. They need to be told what to to, led around by leashes and told to worship that pussy and do as they are told. I bet you like to be degraded and humiliated, don’t you? You wouldn’t be reading this post otherwise unless it was an interest, you naughty boy! So, just what is your particular kink you wish to dominated or humiliated about? Give me a call and let’s explore that kink together. Do it now!!!

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Recently I read those sexy books everyone’s been talking about, 50 Shades of Grey, and I finally decided to take the plunge and ask my boyfriend if he’d like to try and get into some light, fun BDSM stuff. Nothing extreme, just some light bondage and blindfolds, that kind of thing. We actually had a fantastic time the night that we tried it. I asked if he’d tie my wrists up to the bedposts and blindfold me.

He did that, he wasn’t sure what to do really, he never read the books and didn’t have any experience with any of this sort of thing. He was keen to learn though, so we played it by ear. I’d gotten a few items, like a feather duster, some chocolate body paint and asked him if when I was tied up if he’d do things to me and tease me. He started by lightly running the feather duster all over my body and especially all over my nipples, getting them all hard and sticking out. Then I felt some gooey liquid dripping over me and it was the chocolate body paint. He’d gagged me so I couldn’t talk and I felt him using the fine tipped brush of the kit spreading the chocolate over my breast in some sort of swirling design.

Then I felt his warm, wet tongue licking it off and sucking on the very tips of my nipple. I could hear the light smacking as he licked off all of it. It felt so delicious! Then my feet were tied to the bedposts and I was spread eagle, open and waiting. I felt his tongue and lips kissing down my belly to my pussy and was wet and waiting for his mouth when it finally touched my cunt. My lips spread open like a flower for him and I arched my back when I finally felt the tip of his tongue on my clit. It was ecstasy and he worked it over me until I came on his tongue. It was an evening to remember!

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