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Callers often want me to relate to them real life sexual experiences I’ve had to get them aroused as they are masturbating. I had a new story for one of them the other night that called. Last weekend I went to a concert, the people playing had been big in my youth and now they were older, but I’d always had a big crush on the one guy. What I would have given in my teens to been able to spend one night with him. Well twenty years down the road he’s not as big as he was obviously, but incredibly, I got my night with him.

We went to the same nearby pub after the show and met quite by accident and I told him how I’d fantasized about him in my teens and he seemed flattered and a bit amused and he asked if I still gave him a second thought. He hadn’t aged badly, he still had all his hair, so I thought, you know what, if he extends the opportunity, I’m taking it. He did. We went back to his hotel room and I got to live out my teenaged fantasy.

His cock was even bigger than I’d imagined it would be, and he was really good at giving oral. I sucked on his cock and swallowed his load, and then he was ready to go again pretty quickly, so he pinned me down and fucked me nice and hard. I still couldn’t believe I was fucking one of my first true crushes. I couldn’t tell the callers of course who it was, they kept pressing, wanting to know who, since of course they’d recognize his name, but I didn’t tell them, only that I had a fantastic night in a hotel with a former big name with a few hits under his belt. It was a fun and memorable night.

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My boyfriend loves to have phone sex with me when he goes out of town, which sadly is a lot. He goes out of town nearly half of each month, so we don’t get to fuck a lot in person, not nearly as much as I’d like anyway. So he thought we should try playing on the phone when he’s in his hotel room after he’s finished with his business dealings. That’s how I eventually got into doing professional phone sex, it’s because I had so much practice with him and masturbating on the phone and talking naughty. Describing all the things I’d do to him in person if I was there with him, and what I’d like him to do to me as well.

So he said I was doing so well at it, maybe I should look into it as a way to earn a bit extra. I of course thought he was kidding, but then I thought about it and what he said made sense, so I gave it a try and here I am, draining balls day and night on the phone sex line helping out horny, masturbating men. I do have a knack for it, it seems, so I love to tell men how to stroke their cocks for me and tell them about my shaved pussy and how I rub it. How many times right after I shave, I get horny from touching myself down there and just want to play with it, which of course I often do!

I can describe very graphically how I stimulate my clit and slide my fingers in and out of my wet pussy, and how I’ve even tasted myself after cumming on my fingers, they do love to hear what a naughty, horny girl I can be as they are stroking themselves at the same time. So why not give me a call, I’d be happy to drain your balls tonight!

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I’ve always been a bit of a slut, that’s why I got into phone sex as a job in the first place, I masturbate a lot already, so why not get paid for masturbating with lusty men on the phone? The Christmas season always brings about several opportunities to be a naughty girl, it IS the season of giving, after all! But giving what exactly? Well, blow jobs, foot jobs, hand jobs, and fucks, of course! I’ve always been involved with a couple of local charities, and around the holidays they always need a few extra volunteers, and I usually do to help out.

This year I volunteered to be on the tree and decorating committee to get things ready for the needy children’s party. There were actually a few good looking single men there, I think word is getting out that you can meet other singles at these volunteer functions, so it’s
kind of a mix and mingle as you do good deeds kind of thing. This one guy I was steadying the ladder for as he was placing the lights on the tree, his crotch was right at my eye level and I could tell he was packing a big one.

I said something to that effect, and he grinned and said yes, he’d been “gifted by Mother Nature”, as he put it. I asked if I could see, so we went into a storage closet and he pulled his pants down and showed me. Needless to say, I was impressed with his cock and he was soon getting a blow job from me in the closet. I don’t know if anyone outside heard or suspected what we were doing in there, but I enjoyed giving him some “holiday cheer” shall we say, and the naughty boys on the phone sex line loved hearing about it when I got home and logged on for calls and told them about my naughty exploits.

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Sometimes the phone can ring at unexpected moments when you are a phone sex operator. Some of us like to keep the lines turned on all the time and not during a few set hours. Well last week I was in a dressing room trying clothes on and my phone rang. The store was fairly busy, so there was a lot of background noise so my voice wouldn’t really be heard that well by ones in the other dressing rooms. This caller happens to be one of my favorites and I do like to masturbate and cum with him.

He loved it when I told him I was in a semi public place and he wanted me to masturbate right there in the dressing room, I said I couldn’t, what if someone heard, or the saleslady came to check on me, some are very pussy and do not give you much privacy and are knocking on the door every three minutes or asking how the garment you took in fits, but he loves risky sex and begged me to do it, I was a bit horny and feeling naughty, so I did it. Right there in the dressing room!

I told him this would have to be a quickie, for me anyway, since I couldn’t risk getting caught and in trouble with the store. He said fine, rub one out as fast as you can, so I slipped my hand down my pants and into my panties and was rubbing my clit like there was no tomorrow and I bet I came in under three minutes. I can cum quickly if I need to, and I had just finished zipping back up when the saleslady was knocking on the door, I grabbed the outfit and took it to the cash register and bought it without even trying it on, I just wanted to get out of there. I could hear him laughing on the phone as I walked out and paid for my purchase.

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Sometimes when you are talking to local guys on the phone sex line, ones that literally live in the same city as you, you wonder when you are about during your day, have I spoken to that man or this one? At the bank, at the grocery store, sitting in the dentists office, you look around and see these random men and wonder if they are some of the ones you’ve helped masturbate. Well last week was I surprised. Several of my callers have quite distinct voices, voices you could never miss if you heard them. Even talking to hundreds of guys a week, some you know the voices of without asking their name even since you know their voice so well.

I heard this callers voice and looked up and then saw his name tag, and sure enough, it was my caller. I wasn’t sure if I should go up and say hello or not, I decided not to after giving it a thought, but the next time he called I mentioned having seen him and heard him and he was a bit hurt I didn’t go up and say hello, but he understood. He loved knowing I’d been so close to him and knew what he looked liked. He’d mentioned he lived in the same area as I did and sure enough, there he was.

When next we spoke, he wanted to play out a fantasy that I’d introduced myself to him and we went out for a drink and then he took me to a classy hotel and we’d fucked all night. The passions built up from all the phone calls and finally I was fucking him as he’d always imagined. Some callers love to do the what if we met fantasy, it plays in their mind so often, they imagine it so many different ways. Would you recognize the voice of your favourite phone girl if you ran into her in public?

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One great thing about doing phone sex, is how you can take your phone with you and are not chained to a desk. One of my favorite things to do in the warm weather is sit out by the pool and enjoy the sunshine and the garden and the pool and be able to take calls out there. I’ve even taken calls floating on the inflatable lounge chair, so when a guy asks me “are you wet?”, lol, ya baby, I’m wet alright! Earning money while you relax, there’s nothing better than that. Sometimes I also like to get in the water and masturbate by letting the water from the pool jets hit my clit, it’s a fabulous way to cum and the callers enjoy hearing me cum as well, so it’s a win win.

The summer season is so short as it is, being outside and enjoying the water is one of my favourite things. The birds and the bees have no clue what I talk about as they hear my naughty words, luckily the neighbours are far enough away from my property they cannot hear what I say, so I can take calls in the great outdoors and not worry about it.

There was a caller last night and he too was outside in his yard, in the near darkness slowly stroking his cock and enjoying the night air and the stars as I talked him through his orgasm. It’s lovely to masturbate outside and enjoy the feel of the breeze over your naughty bits and cum like that. When you live in a secluded area and have the privacy, it’s very nice to walk around your garden naked and masturbate at will. Summer is short, so I will enjoy this time while it lasts and look forward to that as a fun part of the year.

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Have you always had a thing for older women? Maybe you had naughty thoughts of mommy when you first started masturbating, it’s ok, sweetie, so many guys have that fantasy, nothing to worry about. Maybe it wasn’t mommy, but an aunt, or a neighbor or a teacher. There’s lots of older women that men fantasize about and imagine they are the ones stroking their cocks as they masturbate. They want the teacher to teach them alright, but not history or geometry, they want them to teach them to masturbate and how to lick pussy. Those are things naughty boys are fantasizing about learning from the older women.

There’s lots of more mature gals working on phone sex lines. They still get horny, but their husbands may no longer be interested, but they haven’t stopped touching their pussies, and talking to masturbating men on the phone is just the thing that gets them to slip their hand down their panties and start to caress those mature pussy lips and bring themselves to one orgasm after the next. Some of you naughty men even have a thing for pubic hair, you all aren’t into the bald pussies, some of you want a nice, curly grandma muff in your face to lick, don’t you, now?

Granny is horny, and she will be pleased and feel lucky to have a younger man paying her attention rather than having to masturbate all the time alone. Do you want to talk to granny and help get her off? Some callers are really into the ultra mature over seventy set. They maybe saw their own granny getting undressed and were peeking at her when they were growing up and it might have been responsible for their first boner, so you can see why some guys like to talk to a mature woman and rub one out as they do so, it brings back fond memories.

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This older man called me up last night and it was quite a funny call actually, he said he was working for the holidays at a local mall as a Santa. So I’m having phone sex with Santa Claus I asked and he laughed back and said in a manner of speaking, yes. Even Santa gets horny, apparently. He was a fairly normal older man, retired and working at the mall dressed up over the holidays gave him something to do and gave him bit of extra money for over the holidays, and who can’t use some of that?

So Santa was masturbating as I asked him if he thought I’d been a good girl or bad girl and I said being bad was much more fun that being good and he said he’d be sure and leave me some new sex toys, like he did for all the girls on his naughty list. He was very pleasant, just wanted to talk about me fucking him, which was not hard to do, he said since he was a bit of a larger man, like most Santa’s are, that me riding on top of him would work a lot better for him and how much he’d love to have my wet, shaved pussy riding up and down on his hard cock as my tits bounced in his face.

I’d run my fingers through his beard and his hairy chest and feel his thick, hard grandpa cock inside of my tight little cunt. He said he still shot big loads and he loved the idea of me leaning over him and him being able to suck on my nipples as I rode his hard dick. I’d cum on his cock and then he’d shoot his load into me and apparently Santa enjoyed cream pie as well and he then wanted me to go sit on his face and have him lick out his still warm cum out of my pussy. And he said I’m on the naughty list! I think Santa is on the naughty list too!

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You’ve likely been getting bored with the same old boring masturbation routine, right? Grip, pump, repeat, all while watching some free, generic porn that just doesn’t seem to get the job done well anymore, right? Have you thought what a much better masturbatory experience things could be like with personalized phone sex from an experienced phone sex operator? One that’s used to dealing with a myriad of fetishes and that loves to help men cum and many times masturbates herself while conversing on racy calls? Many of the ladies that do this are ladies that are local to you. Imagine that sexy MILF down the street that’s always caught your eye, maybe she’s helping get men off all day and night on the phone for all you know.

Or that sexy college girl you’ve seen in the shops that always has that twinkle in her eye, she’s got a secret or two, you can bank on it. They all masturbate, that’s a given. You like to think of naughty ladies rubbing their pussies for you as you talk on the phone, don’t you? Oh indeed you do, you naughty wanker! They whisper sweet nothings on the phone to total strangers on the phone as they masturbate and tease their stiff little clittys just for you, as you’re telling them all about your perverted sexual fantasies you’d never have the nerve to tell your wife or girlfriend about, because they’d be shocked and maybe horrified at what a perv you really are.

Women everywhere you meet are masturbators just like you. Do you imagine them as they are about to go to sleep at night stroking their pussies under the covers to bring themselves to orgasm to help themselves relax? Maybe you stroke your cock and fantasize about that college girl and what a good little cocksucker you think she is and how much you wish you could fuck her mouth and give her your gooey load and then fuck her silly. These are the women that staff our phone sex lines, why not give us a call and get off tonight…

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I was feeling a bit lonely the other night and wandered down to the local pub to see who I might be able to find to spend some time with or have something in common with. I went alone and ordered myself a white wine and sat down and it wasn’t long until a nice looking man approached me and asked if he could join me. I invited him to sit down and we had a nice and stimulating conversation. I know it was a bit naughty of me, but I invited him back to my place and I knew where the evening would lead.

We walked in my door and right away he started to kiss me and fondle my breast through my sheer blouse which was soon on the floor with the rest of my clothes. I was so horny, that’s what had made me go looking for a man to pick up at the pub in the first place. I don’t usually go looking for one night stands, but between boyfriends, sometimes the urge to mate is just overwhelming and you go for it. Working on the phones here makes me horny and I do masturbate a lot, there’s no doubt about it, but sometimes you just have that skin hunger, you just want to fuck and touch another person and feel them pound the living daylights out of your cunt and make you cum.

He got me on all fours after I’d been stripped of all my clothes and I could feel that cock slide into my wet cunt and he fucked me like he was a horny devil if ever there was one. I came and came and screamed my fool head off I was so horny and wet and he came buckets. I then sucked his cock and licked my own juices off of it and was one horny bitch for him. I need to make trips to the pub more often! You should give me a call and I can tell you all about it!