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When was the last time you had phone sex? Has it been a while? Masturbation is a lot more fun with someone than doing it alone, just try and see the difference. I had a caller last night that said he had not had sex with his wife in over three years, but he won’t leave her, won’t go to an escort, he needs to be bitch slapped if you ask me, but he finds solace in calling phone sex lines. That and masturbation is all he’s got in the way of sexual release. He lives in the guest room and watches porn and that’s the extent of his sexual life for the foreseeable future unless he leaves. Pathetic really.

He fantasizes about having an insatiable wife that’s ready for sex at a moments notice and would give him blow jobs any time he wants. He hasn’t had one of them since before they were married. I describe how every night when he comes home from work while dinner is cooking that I would sit him down and give him such a wonderful, long, slow, wet, juicy blow job that he’d think he’d died and gone to heaven.

He’s usually watching porn in the background when he calls, I can hear the volume of it in the background and know he’s wishing the girl in the porno would crawl out of the screen and into his bed and fuck his brains out like he’s not been fucked in many a year. He has such a high sex drive and his own hand is all he’s got. Well to all you masochists out there like this one that will not allow the Ice Princess to release her grasp on you, there’s lots of us phone sex girls just waiting to drain your balls and give you some red hot fun that you’re so desperately craving. So pick up that phone right now.

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If you had any idea how many guys call up that are wearing ladies panties, you’d be shocked, a lot of them are for sure. Some have taken the panties of their wives or girlfriends, roommates, sisters, mother in laws, any woman’s knickers they have access to and they have taken them and jerked off into them or in many cases are wearing them themselves, like the true panty boys that they are. They enjoy calling up phone girls and confessing their naughty deeds they can’t tell anyone else.

One panty boy that calls up buys his own ladies panties, he likes to call and tell me the colours and styles he’s bought for himself, he calls himself, “the panty princess,” he’s a sissy, the most extreme one I’ve ever spoken to. He has so many pairs and loves to call up while masturbating. He calls his cock his “dolly” and loves to twirl around in his panties for me. He’s not surprisingly a virgin and has no real desire to be with men or women, just to masturbate and indulge his feminine side in his love of ladies panties he buys and wears while he masturbates.

Dressing up in secret is so common, even ones that are married have whole secret wardrobes and makeup kits they hide and live in fear of their wives or girlfriends finding. Panty boys have lived their whole lives in fear of ones finding out. One the other day said his wife knows but told him to be discreet about it, she doesn’t want to know about it or see it, a few have called up for phone sex and told me things like that, their partners know, but they are to keep it quiet, so they need someone to act as an outlet to talk about these things, hence their need for a phone sex girl.

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Christmas can be a very sexy time of the year, if you have time to fit some fun in. We all know December is usually a hectic month, and it’s often difficult to fit fun in during such a hectic month. I had some fun with my neighbour just last week. He knows I work the phone lines and he came over looking for my roommate and they were out, so I invited him to have some cookies and eggnog while he waited. My line rang while he was there and I did the call with him right there, he could of course only hear my half of the call. It was a hot one.

He came over and knelt in front of me as I spoke on the phone giving a vivid blow job description to the client I was talking to and then a pussy licking description and he started to pull my skirt up and pull my panties down and he was enacting everything I was talking to the caller about and I could barely contain myself. I only needed to say how I wanted it done and he was doing it. The caller said I really sounded like I was into the call and it was so hot, having my clit licked on, my shaved pussy lips being sucked into his mouth, his hands reaching up and groping my breasts.

I was getting so wet and was afraid the caller would hear what was really going on as I spoke to him, but then he would likely enjoy knowing that was going on as I talked to him! I could feel the waves of orgasm approaching me as his tongue lapped at my pink, juicy, wet folds and my clit was stiff and at attention, he was driving me wild and it was all I could do to carry on an intelligent conversation I was so distracted with being eaten out this way while on a call. I grabbed him by the head, just mashing my pussy into his face, urging him to lick harder as I bucked against his mouth as I was talking to this clueless, masturbating caller. All of a sudden I just came explosively and the caller grew silent, I guess he just figured I was masturbating with him and he had no clue a man was between my thighs going down on me. It was a fun call!

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Lots of times when you are looking for phone sex, you don’t want to call some line up and talk to some girl half way around the ocean, you want a local girl, that maybe you might have a chance to one day meet. You never know what the future might bring. You could talk to the same girl for a couple of years, and who knows what might happen, you know? We have many local ladies on here that are horny and wet and waiting for your call. Draining your balls is their pleasure!

You know that feeling when you want to cum so badly your balls ache? That pressure in your loins that is built up so much? They love having you beg to cum for them. You want to touch that cock right now, don’t you…Been a few days since your last orgasm? The naughty, masturbating ladies are waiting for that phone to ring, they are likely watching some porn or reading erotica, all horny and waiting for someone to call up and masturbate with them. It’s not as much to masturbate alone, you know you want to share that orgasm. Do you get loud when you’re about to cum? That moaning and low growling that you do when you’re so turned on. Watching porn is fun, but there’s nothing quite like phone sex and sharing that orgasm with another person.

The lady you might be connected with just might be that naughty MILF from down the street, maybe it’s your kids teacher that’s on the line every night for a few hours hoping to make some money over and above her wages. Maybe that cute looking cashier you saw at the grocery store is working the lines as well on the side, you just never know who is on the other end of that phone.

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Do you enjoy the thought of being humiliated by someone local? Then give me a call, because I am local and I do love to berate guys over the phone. One of my favorite topics to make fun of a man on is the size of his penis. So many guys that call have pitifully small cocks. After all, if they were hung like horses they wouldn’t be calling a phone sex line, would they now? They’d be fighting off the ladies that are all interested in giving their nine incher out for a ride!

Masturbation is for everyone I know, not just the tiny dicked ones, but their luck with the ladies is even more impeded that average, so it’s only natural that they have to rub one out alone a lot more than a large dicked guy would have to. Some of the pictures that guys have emailed me, oh boy, they are pitiful cases to be sure. Some are smaller than acorns, there’s bigger clits out there than some of their cocks. Small penis humiliation comes rather naturally to me, since I did at one time have a tiny dicked boyfriend, but it didn’t last long. I simply could not contend with his miniature noodle that he called a cock. I started seeing other guys behind his back, then didn’t even bother trying to be discreet.

He knew he was lucky to have any of my time at all, so he just accepted the fact that I was going to be with other men. He learned to live with it and accept it. So I know first hand what it’s like dealing with a small dick wonder such as yourselves. The premature ejaculation that seems to come with having a tiny cock, not 100% of the time, but a good deal. There’s lots of guys in your boat and sadly many disappointed women that must contend with you blokes. So if you want to feel even worse about yourself, if that’s even possible, feel free to call me up and I will tell you what a worthless nothing you really are, it will be my pleasure.

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Sometimes you’re just looking for that naughty, local girl to have phone sex with that might end up being a real life meeting, right? Yes, I know. You want the possibility to exist that there’s a chance, however small, that you could maybe meet that sexy girl you are on the phone with and masturbating with. It’s pretty hot we know. The great thing about our lines is you can talk to people right in your own city.

What good is it talking to someone that’s thousands of miles away if you want that hope to be there that maybe this is the girl you ran into last week in the shopping mall? There’ slots of local girls in your city that do phone sex, not all of them for sure, but more than you’d think. Maybe that shy, slightly nerdy librarian goes onto the phone sex lines at night after her “real” job is finished and masturbates like a fiend all night, you have no idea. Maybe that kind neighbour lady that you think is so innocent and sweet is the one that is available for ball draining calls all day, how do you know? You don’t, that’s the idea. It’s anonymous, safe and you could be talking to anyone and getting off with them.

Masturbation is so much more fun with another person than alone, once you get into he hobby of phone sex, you will never want to play alone again. It just doesn’t cut it anymore. It will become your favourite addiction and your preferred method of masturbation. Phone sex has been around for a long time and it’s still a great way to get off and if people think they could get off with strangers and have a great orgasm, think again. Phone sex isn’t just for long distance lovers, or partners when one is away on a business trip, it’s plenty hot, stranger or not and you’d be surprised how you can find true sexual compatibility with over the phone. People you might not even give the time of day to in your real life, or not even fit into your real life, you might be red hot phone lovers. So why not see if some steamy, local phone sex is for you.

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This hot caller called up last night and told me all about his hot date the night before he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about. He was jerking off his cock and I was rubbing my pussy listening to him go on about how many times he’d made his date cum. First she started off by giving him a handjob and getting his dick all hard and then she starting sucking on it, all sloppy and wet and juicy, just driving him wild with her tongue. He was fingering her pussy as she did it and making her all creamy and wet.

Then he got on his back and she straddled his face as he licked her cunt and sucked on her clit. I was just dripping as he described in explicit detail how wet she was getting his face as she was riding his tongue and grinding on him till he could barely breathe. Though he wasn’t complaining, he adores licking cunt and I love mine licked too, so I was happy to listen to him talk about her shaved pussy and imagine it was my own. He then got ridden as she lowered her hot cunt down onto his dick and bounced up and down. He was so turned on thinking about it and her riding him and milking his cock so hard, pulling him deeper and deeper inside of her as she rode her way to orgasm.

He then flipped her over doggy style and filled her up and pounded her pussy until he shot his load into her as she came again. I was playing with my clit the entire time he told me all of this and came when he did and he asked if I’d like to get fucked like that too and of course I said yes and he asked when the last time I did was and I said a few nights ago by my boyfriend, how well he’d fucked me. He was coming home again in a few hours and I told him working on the phone lines had been great for our sex life. It kept me heated up and raring to go all the time and waiting for his dick the minute he walks in the door!

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Hey, I’m an everyday girl with a naughty job doing phone sex, nothing wrong with that, is there now? I get pretty horny and I’m between boyfriends now, so I figured this would be a fun thing to do and earn some money besides. What more could you ask for than to play with the girl next door? I may not look like a Playboy model, but I’m cute I get told and I have a helluva sex drive, I can promise you that!

I love giving guys blow jobs, it gives me so much pleasure to give someone else that kind of erotic experience. To know it’s because of me they are hard as a rock and going wild. Holding their dick in my hand and slowly and sensually pumping it up and down as I lick the head of it like an ice cream cone, licking all the precum off of it. Cupping your balls, feeling your hand on the back of my head pushing up and down as I deep throat your shaft. Lightly gagging on it. You love that sound, don’t you? So many guys love that gagging sound I make as I deep throat them, especially if the guy has a bigger cock. Sometimes it’s a bit of a challenge to get my mouth all around it, but I’ve always managed so far!

Many guys love blowing their load all over my tits as well and seeing their ropes of cum shoot all over my nipples and drip off of me and then me lick it off by lifting my breasts up to my mouth and sucking on my own nipples to lick all that salty cum off of them. Lots of times I could be fingering my own cunt as I lick it off of one tit. Would you like to watch that if you were here in front of me? My fingers slowly going in and out of my pussy as I suck your cock, your breathing deepening as you get ready to fuck me and pound that pussy that’s dripping wet.

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The thought of calling up some hot gal on a phone sex line is hot enough, but the thought of them being right there in your own city? Wow….I bet the idea of meeting up comes to mind, doesn’t it? We can’t vouch for what sort of naughty stuff these gals get up to on their own time, but if they like to fuck strange men on the phone for a job, what do you think they get up to on their own time? We’re thinking something naughty! These horny sluts are stroking their pussies for their living, we bet they have a LOT higher than average sex drive as it is.

Leisurely whiling away their days and nights with their hand between their legs idly stroking their stiffened little clits whilst listening to men masturbate on the phone, sounds pretty hot and decadent, doesn’t it? If you call one of these hot to trot tarts up, you may catch them already masturbating, most of them are nymphos after all. You might call just in time to hear one cum, or one just firing up her vibrator and starting to slide it in and out of her dripping, wet, shaved cunt. We bet that will get your hard cock a throbbing, won’t it!?

You might be talking to the hot MILF that lives across the street, or that nubile college girl that lives the next block over, you never have any idea who you’re really talking to, or how close they might actually be to you with that cock in your hand. Think you can handle it? How long has it been since you’ve cum? A day? A week? Longer? That pressure is building up, isn’t it? You know you just want to reach down and start stroking that cock, don’t you…Your balls are tight, you’re in need of release, pick up that phone and talk to a hot local gal right now, you won’t forget it, and neither will your cock.