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Many men have some idea that phone sex girls are all crammed into some stuffed office in cubicles in a call centre, well that couldn’t be further from the truth. Most girls work at home, in any room they choose to be in and some even take their phones with them, so they could be driving around, enjoying a day out on a friends boat, all kinds of different things they could be doing at the same time they are getting you off. Talking naughty while out in public can even be fun, you have to watch where you are and make sure no one can hear you.

When men call for phone sex, they are usually horny already, they might even have started to stroke their cock and be dripping their precum already. The sound of a female voice is often enough to just push them over the edge to orgasm, especially if a few moans or breathy whispers are involved. Phone sex is a wonderful way to jazz up your masturbation and give yourself that increased orgasm over what it would be without talking to another person. That special way a phone sex girl can personalize your fantasy is like nothing else.

Many ladies also enjoy a man telling them how to stroke their pussy or revealing their naughty fantasies and having you talk about them as well, it just takes the right partner that can push all your buttons and you can make magic together on the phone. Some callers have called the same girls literally for years. They know what they want and the right girl can fulfill that easily, that’s why they keep returning to the same ones year after year. It can be a very comfortable thing when you get the right mix of client and phone sex girl.

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