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So many people seemed surprised if I tell them I do phone sex as my job, they seem to think it’s not around anymore or nearly extinct. Phone sex and online fun in general is alive and well and by enhancing your masturbation experience by getting another person involved in it helping you cum and you helping them cum, it absolutely increases your pleasure. Adult phone sex is very enjoyable, when you call me up for some hot times on the phone, you can rest assured I will be caressing my juicy pussy at the same time you are stroking your cock.

I know you’re very horny, you likely wouldn’t be calling me otherwise. How long has it been since that throbbing cock came of yours? A few days? Weeks? Longer? Oh my, I bet you’re ready to bust that nut, aren’t you. Think of my seductive voice in your ear as you stroke that cock that needs to cum so badly. Mmmm, sounds good, doesn’t it…How long has it been since you heard a woman cum, not having a girlfriend or wife at the moment, it can be a looong time for some of you boys. You so need to hear a woman’s breath catch in her throat as she’s about to cum, her heavy breathing as she’s gasping for air after cumming.

I will tell you all the naughty things I`m doing to myself over here. From rubbing my stiff little clit, to sucking on my own hard nipples. That’s right, they are big enough, they do reach to my mouth if I hold them up like that. I know how much that turns most men on when I say I can suck on my own tits. It`s hot! I’ve made myself orgasm from sucking on my nipples alone when I was watching porn. I love to watch porn as I masturbate. Other people fucking like wild animals gets my pussy so wet and juicy, I suck on my tits and rub my cunt, would you like to call and listen in?

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