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When you call up for some teen phone sex, we know you want those barely legal 18-19 year olds, don’t you. Dripping, little nubile pussies. We have lots of young hotties for you waiting, so pick up that phone right now.

One of our girls, you’ll have to call to see which one, she’s working her way through school by working the phone lines to help with her tuition fees and she loves taking study breaks by masturbating with the callers that give her a call and get off with her. She doesn’t have that much experience in real life, so she masturbates a lot and the sound of men cumming really gets her wet and her pussy ready for any number of the toys she’s got laying around to use at a moments notice on her calls.

Imagine her laying there, cracking the books and her phone rings and it’s you, hard cock in hand and she lays her book aside and reaches over to her bedside table to get her vibe out, maybe she’ll place it next to the phone for you to hear it buzzing before she nuzzles it between her pussy lips to find her already wet little stiff clit. She lays back talking naughty to you and hears you breathing heavier as she works the vibe up and down her cunt lips as she talks to you and you tell her you can feel your balls tightening up as they fill up with cum and you’re getting ready to explode. You can hear her breathing get more and more shallow as she’s about to cum all over her buzzing vibe and as soon as she hears you cum she does too and she gushes over her toy, making a small pool of juices on her sheets underneath herself. Sound like a fun call?

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