12. December 2014 · Comments Off on Kick Up The Old Masturbation Routine · Categories: Adult Phone Sex

What exactly is “adult phone sex”? Well, for one thing, it’s a LOT of fun! Imagine masturbating alone yet again to some contrived, fake looking porn you find online. Gee, how original. Desensitized to that yet? It’s pretty common to happen actually. Now imagine finding a sexy gal to talk to on the phone that will be talking dirty to you as you stroke your cock. Either telling you how to stroke it, or just talking naughty to you, describing a wicked blow job, or how she’d fuck your brains out and make you cum like you haven’t in years.

Many people not familiar with phone sex and the fun it can be really, truly have no idea what they are missing. If they think jerking off alone is a grand old time, once they try it with another person on the other end of the phone, it’s a whole new level of fun and intimacy. I cannot even count the number of guys I’ve spoken to over the years that have had sex and a lot of it, yet they have told me countless times that they have had some of the very best orgasms of their lives during phone sex calls.

It’s great to have sex and make love with someone, but as much as we care about someone, they may not always be the most perfect over for us or a great lover at all. When we masturbate, we are filling the need ourselves, we know exactly where to touch ourselves, there’s no wondering if our hand will please us, it’s a guaranteed orgasm. No wondering if they will be good in bed and be able to satisfy us, now imagine talking explicitly to someone as you are doing that, it’s going to heighten and intensify the overall experience and make it oh so much hotter. So I can certainly understand how it can be among the best orgasms we’ve ever had. We are filling the physical need, but by talking to another person, even if only for those few minutes, they are filling that emotional need and making it sexy as fuck.

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