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One of my callers recently asked me if I do any real time, live sessions, and I said yes, I’ve been a well known domme for years. He wanted to hear some of the stories of clients that have come to me for real life punishments. I said not all want to be physically punished, some want to be given tasks to complete they know will please me, like cleaning my house, doing heavy yard work, all kinds of things depending on the one doing them. One slave regularly comes over and scrubs my floors with a toothbrush on his hands and knees.

He loves knowing he’s of true service to me, his Mistress. Another one is good at wood working and built himself a small rocking horse if you can believe it that he’s attached a sizeable dildo to and he likes to bring it over and ride it as he listens to me take calls. He can only hear my end of them of course, but he likes to hear the naughty sorts of things I say to other weak men that call and seek some humiliation from me as they are masturbating themselves.

One caller that is too far to visit has me watch him on cam and I instruct him what to do, he’s quite fond of cock and ball torture and I like to think of things to make him give himself some pain. Everything from mascara wands down his cock to filling a condom up with water and freezing it and making him insert it up his ass as he waits for it to melt and drip out, causing him hour after hour of discomfort, squirming around. It is a lot of fun to make these worms do all kinds of things they wouldn’t think to do themselves.

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