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The thought of calling up some hot gal on a phone sex line is hot enough, but the thought of them being right there in your own city? Wow….I bet the idea of meeting up comes to mind, doesn’t it? We can’t vouch for what sort of naughty stuff these gals get up to on their own time, but if they like to fuck strange men on the phone for a job, what do you think they get up to on their own time? We’re thinking something naughty! These horny sluts are stroking their pussies for their living, we bet they have a LOT higher than average sex drive as it is.

Leisurely whiling away their days and nights with their hand between their legs idly stroking their stiffened little clits whilst listening to men masturbate on the phone, sounds pretty hot and decadent, doesn’t it? If you call one of these hot to trot tarts up, you may catch them already masturbating, most of them are nymphos after all. You might call just in time to hear one cum, or one just firing up her vibrator and starting to slide it in and out of her dripping, wet, shaved cunt. We bet that will get your hard cock a throbbing, won’t it!?

You might be talking to the hot MILF that lives across the street, or that nubile college girl that lives the next block over, you never have any idea who you’re really talking to, or how close they might actually be to you with that cock in your hand. Think you can handle it? How long has it been since you’ve cum? A day? A week? Longer? That pressure is building up, isn’t it? You know you just want to reach down and start stroking that cock, don’t you…Your balls are tight, you’re in need of release, pick up that phone and talk to a hot local gal right now, you won’t forget it, and neither will your cock.

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