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For those of you craving some female domination phone sex, I’d bet one thing you can’t get enough of is Mistress fucking you with her big, black 10 inch strap on. That feels awfully good spreading you open like that, doesn’t it? I know how you want to be treated like a little fuck toy, taught how to beg and plead to be allowed to cum, but you just may not get Mistress’s permission to be able to do that! I’ll get you on all fours, and you will be downright lucky if I decide to even apply lube to that toy.

I think I’d start by having you suck on that toy and pretend it’s a real cock. I will make you take it down your throat and gag on it, you little fag! You like being a little obedient fag for Mistress? I know you do, your little clit dick standing at attention like the pitiful useless little appendage that it is. I will bring in one of my bulls to fuck your mouth while I work your ass. Think you can open you mouth wide enough to take down his 12 incher? He’s a big boy, no doubt about it!

You will do as I tell you to. Lick, suck, gag on it you little queer! I will grab you by the hips and shove that dildo in I’m wearing in my strap on harness until your entire body is shaking back and forth and you are on the verge of blowing your pitiful three drops of cum onto the floor. You know I’m going to make you lick it up off the floor like a dog, right? I am. I love making you eat out of dog bowls and walk around the neighbourhood on a leash. You pitiful excuse for a man.

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