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Sometimes when you are talking to local guys on the phone sex line, ones that literally live in the same city as you, you wonder when you are about during your day, have I spoken to that man or this one? At the bank, at the grocery store, sitting in the dentists office, you look around and see these random men and wonder if they are some of the ones you’ve helped masturbate. Well last week was I surprised. Several of my callers have quite distinct voices, voices you could never miss if you heard them. Even talking to hundreds of guys a week, some you know the voices of without asking their name even since you know their voice so well.

I heard this callers voice and looked up and then saw his name tag, and sure enough, it was my caller. I wasn’t sure if I should go up and say hello or not, I decided not to after giving it a thought, but the next time he called I mentioned having seen him and heard him and he was a bit hurt I didn’t go up and say hello, but he understood. He loved knowing I’d been so close to him and knew what he looked liked. He’d mentioned he lived in the same area as I did and sure enough, there he was.

When next we spoke, he wanted to play out a fantasy that I’d introduced myself to him and we went out for a drink and then he took me to a classy hotel and we’d fucked all night. The passions built up from all the phone calls and finally I was fucking him as he’d always imagined. Some callers love to do the what if we met fantasy, it plays in their mind so often, they imagine it so many different ways. Would you recognize the voice of your favourite phone girl if you ran into her in public?

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