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One good thing about being young, is I still have my sex drive. I usually masturbate a couple of times a day. When I wake up, I usually masturbate in the shower with the shower massager on the hose, many nights before bed with either my fingers or a sex toy, and sometimes when I get home from work, that physical release is very welcome after a hard day at work. Lots of callers really love that I am so young, barely out of high school, and the same age as or even younger than, their daughters. So many men have naughty fantasies about their little girls, and you can bet they aren’t sharing these fantasies with their wives.

I can play the slutty daughter, or dare I say, sometimes even the reluctant one. Some love to have me whimper to please stop, daddy, and whimper I do…I Can be young naughty school yard slut, and my voice sounds even younger than my eighteen years, so we can do all kinds of naughty and taboo fantasy roleplays. As naughty as you want, you dirty old man! I know the appeal that youth has, the tight body, the ultra tight pussy that’s not been stretched out by cranking out any kids, you maybe haven’t felt that real tightness in ages if you’ve got a stretched out wife that’s seldom in the mood anymore!

Would you like me to tell you about my tight, hairless pussy? And what a bad girl I’ve been and how maybe I’ve earned a spanking from you, daddy? I think I need it. I could tell you about all the things I’ve been up to with all the neighbourhood boys. They do enjoy using me. I think you might enjoy using me as well. Stroke your cock for me, daddy, your naughty little girl is very curious about that bulge in your pants. It looks soooo big, I’m not sure it would fit, but you can try daddy, I promise it will be our little secret.

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