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What’s better than masturbating? Masturbating with another person doing it at the same time. If you aren’t in a relationship and are genuinely lonely yet unsure about going to an escort, phone sex is certainly an option you should be looking into. Less expensive and safer than an escort, you will get the thrill of being with a woman with no real risk of disease or pregnancy.

Lots of young ladies, even ones that are still teens, eighteen and nineteen, that are university students working their way through school, there are lots of them doing this on the side and they’d love to talk to some of you horny blokes out there that are already wanking away like fiends! They love to rub their pussies too, and playing on the phone is a good way to earn money for their tuition and them masturbating is a great way to relieve stress. Phone sex is a fun hobby and if you haven’t tried it in a while, maybe you should try and see what kind of naughty young students are out there for you to play with.

Lots of girls that age have daddy issues and are very attracted to older men, and helping them get off and masturbate is a lot of fun for them. Imagine the naughty role plays you can get into when you’re talking to one of these horny young girls! It’s very naughty and very fun to have such lascivious conversations with these girls as they stroke their little clitties up and down as you pump your cock for them. Fun for the both of you. Masturbation is a fact of life, you might as well enjoy it and make it all that it can be, and phone sex is one hot way to spice it up!

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