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Rachel loves keeping it in the family, and she enjoys some good, naughty, taboo fun!

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Rachel and her sister Fanny dress up in the skimpiest clothes when they work out.

They love to exercise and watch other people observe them stretching and posing in those tight yoga pants and cut-off jeans.

Rachel gets wet when she sees her cousins checking her out when they pass by her front yard.

They’re older guys who love her sexy curves and long, curly hair bouncing off her big tits.

When Fanny joins Rachel, they spot each other when they lift weights.

They squat slowly, pushing out those hot asses to tease all the boys.

If you stare too long, they might lean in to kiss and run fingers through each other’s hair for your entertainment.

When they get bored and sweaty, they’ll tease you a bit and see what your kinks are.

Do you like seeing two sisters make out?

Do you want to pretend to be their older brother, uncle, or daddy?

Playing some sexy games with Fanny and Rachel can land you in some naughty trouble.

Family phone sex can get raunchy and sexy in all kinds of ways!

Rachel and Fanny don’t have any boundaries, so you can get as gritty and deviant as you like!

Our phone sex bitches love taboo family sex, so whether you want to play daddy to a couple of hot teens or watch them get busy with some of their older cousins, we have everything you need to get off!

Whether you enjoy a hot MILF taking advantage of your hard cock, or a young pair of babes looking for some daddy play, give us a call and find out what makes you horny!

When you call strictpunishment, we know how vital your discretion is, especially when you get into gritty, taboo family incest fun!

We keep all those naughty fantasies locked away with our talented phone sex operators.

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Our phone sex girls treat your personal information as top secret and keep all information safe and secure.

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Cheap Family Fun Phone Sex

Fanny might act shy sometimes, but that’s just an act she plays for you!

Her sister Rachel is the instigator in all their hot escapades, and they pursue men together.

They don’t mind if it’s a family member or a stranger. These nympho sluts enjoy all types of sexual adventures.

Any fantasy you have, they will fulfill and take you into their naughty world of family incest fun. Fanny loves an uncle or daddy to play with.

She’ll play the bratty teen who doesn’t listen.

She doesn’t like to finish her college homework and flirts with all the boys when she works at the mall.

Don’t you want to give her a good spanking and paddle her ass until she learns a lesson?

Fanny will kick and scream or try to, even if you have her in restraints.

She loves being handled roughly because it’s exciting and hot.

Fanny knows what she wants, but she’ll play the horny teen who needs a firm hand to get you hard and ready.

Fanny knows the uncle and daddy roles are a turn-on for you and men who want the ultimate control.

She’ll dress up in tight skirts and blouses to make you turn your head so that you scowl her for being slutty.

Fanny wants to get a rise out of you and your cock, so you can drive your shaft into her cunt for as long as you can handle!

Isabel is another hot babe who craves a bit of family fun.

She’s a MILF looking for a younger guy to toy with.

She knows you act like you’re in control, but secretly, you want to get some hot cum into her juicy pussy.

Isabel is the sexiest MILF on the block and walks slowly and seductively to get your attention.

She doesn’t need to chase after anyone, but she loves the game.

She enjoys having a younger man at her mercy and ready for a mind-blowing orgasm.

Isabel is a professional, wife, and mother, but she finds time to explore her dirty, sexy side.

She doesn’t waste time when she sees a guy who ignites her sensations.

Getting into twisted and hot situations is what we offer for guys like you who need something deliciously deviant.

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Vi wants to take you to another level of consciousness before she takes you on a journey of sensual and sexual adventures.

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Let Vi take you into her exquisite realm of relaxation.

She’ll be dressed in a lacey gown with nothing underneath, allowing her guests to enjoy a full view of her erect, pierced nipples and large, firm breasts.

She has a fully shaved mound and long, wavy, shiny hair.

Just one look at Vi, and you’ll find yourself sinking into a warm, sensual level bath of ecstasy.

She wants you to feel comfortable, but only until she has you under her spell.

When she has sexual control over your mind, Vi will have her way with your body too!

Vi enjoys taking her time with you. She’ll ease you into her world of pleasure and power-play.

You’ll find yourself overwhelmed with desire and an instant boner!

She’ll guide you through a steamy session while she toys with your body, rubbing her hands all over your chest, cock, and balls.

She might instruct you to stay still until she commands you to cum, or she will mount and take your cock in a cowgirl position.

When you call strictpunishment, you’ll receive only the top hypnosis sex and from the most skilled sirens you can find in phone sex!

Our ladies won’t rush you into orgasm unless you like that!

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Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex – Hot Mind and Body Power-Play Fantasies!

Katerina enjoys the subtle progression of getting hot and wet.

She enjoys the slow burn of teasing and touching erotically, with hypnosis, so you get a strong boner and ready for anything!

When you get into a session with Katerina, she’ll ease you into hypnosis with a massage and whispering dirty, sexy things as she does this.

She wants you to melt into her body so that she can have her way with you!

Katerina wants you to surrender your mind and body willingly.

Only then can you experience the most fantastic orgasm.

She’ll take your cock into her mouth as you fall into her spell, enhancing your experience.

How would you like some anal beads or a plug inside your ass?

You won’t have any say when Katerina has you under her spell, but she guarantees you’ll take delight of every second!

When you pick up the phone to call strictpunishment, we offer only the finest dommes and hypnotic mistresses for all your needs!

Get ready to let go of your control and allow our hot and powerful ladies to take over and make you cum on their watch!

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Your secrets are safe here, and we’ll never divulge any of your naughty fun to anyone else!

Your discretion is essential, and we maintain the confidentiality of all callers, including what you discuss on the call, your identity, and personal information.

Keep your dirty ideas with us, and give us a call to explore the intense enjoyment of hypnotic sex!


Cum Eating Hypnosis Phone Sex – Strict, Intense Orgasms!

Strict Sheila is ready to be a mistress to any of your desires.

She’s a queen of hypnosis too, and she’ll make you ready for all kinds of kinky fun!

Sheila likes to be obeyed, and she’ll make sure you listen and do exactly what she requests.

You’ll feel a tingly sensation all over your body, that when she ties you up, you may not feel it!

Or Sheila may bind your body with your mind, so you will perform as she wishes!

She’ll play with your body, twisting your nipples or using clamps and pulling, stroking your cock and balls until you’re ready to cum.

When you burst with creaminess, you’ll have a cup or shot glass to pour your milk and drink it down!

We want you to enjoy every moment of your intense sexual hypnosis and cum eating instruction to be as hot and unique as it can be!

Your call should be free of delay so we make the payment process quick and secure.

All you need is a major credit card along with a decent phone connection to diving into the hottest phone sex you can find!

Our system is secure, and we never keep any credit card details or payment history.

Your information will never be shared with anyone outside of strictpunishment, so you can fully embrace the darker side of kink and fetish indulgence.

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Our ladies are well versed in taking on any fantasy or power-play scenario you want to explore.

Get adventurous with our hot sexy ladies and explore beyond your comfort zone!

We’ll take you on a journey of delicious deviant fun at any pace you want!

Our mistresses are ready to make you their sex toy and relish the idea of getting you off in many hot and creative ways!

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domme, domination, submission, BDSM, sex dungeon

Callers frequently mention they have a desire to meet a real life dominatrix. They love phone sex and enjoy what it brings them, but a real time session with a domme is a treat, many have to go quite far a field, since not all town have them. One caller that’s been to many told me of a very hot summer he put himself in the care of a cruel dominatrix that put him in a barn miles and miles from the nearest farm and he was delivered a gallon of water each day and some food, and he was kept there, naked, with not even a blanket to sleep on, just bare bales of hay.

The things people pay for to punish themselves are quite odd, but he wasn’t hurting anyone, just himself and he rather enjoyed it and he’d look forward to her coming and dropping off supplies each morning. He was too far away and naked, to run anywhere off the property, so he had to endure the ten days he’d been committed to. No way out even if he begged, and he did beg, but to no avail. He loved the sense of helplessness she inflicted on him.

Some love sex dungeons, where they can be chained, put into forced bi situations, whipped with floggers or riding crops, led around on their hands and knees in dog collars and leashes. So many men crave that deep sense of humiliation and degradation and are literally willing to pay for it. It’s fun to think of them like that, at the mercy of a powerful woman, and they love every minute of it. Many dommes are booked months in advance, there’s so many men seeking appointments for abuse. They go home bruised, broken, beaten and very, very satisfied and looking to their time they will have there.

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cock and ball piercing, nurse, female domination,genital jewelry

One of my regular callers has a small penis, lots of them do actually, but this one is into domination. He fantasizes about a female nurse piercing his cock and balls. One of those Prince Albert penis tip ring things. Now in a three inch long penis, that would look a little odd. He likes the idea of his small cock being maimed and pierced by a woman in the position of authority. That also strays into cock and ball torture territory, but hey, it’s his fantasy. He also wants his testicles pierced to have those little barbell things going through them.

I’m not sure what woman would find sex better fucking a man wearing such paraphernalia, it just seems like it could catch on something and be a disaster waiting to happen. This caller is actually quite a character, he said his mother is the one that first told him he had a small penis in his teens and came at him with a ruler to prove it. Uh huh. Then he said she told him that because of his little cock, his only hope at pleasing a woman was oral sex, which is likely true, but apparently she was the one to teach him how best to please a woman orally. Sure she did…

The fantasies that callers have that they swear up and down are the truth can be quite far fetched, and of course there’s no way to prove they are not telling the truth, but if you’re in this line of work long enough, you get a pretty good “bullshit detector” and can tell when it’s a tall tale they are spinning for ye. Let them talk, it’s their dime and you can actually hear some pretty interesting and comical things, tall tales or not. So let them have their fantasies, in many cases, it’s all they have.

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sex toy, balloons, submissive man

Now balloons to most people do not seem inherently sexy, but no matter the object, you can be certain someone, somewhere has masturbated with it in some capacity. This one caller is into fucking balloons, he likes dominant women to make him do it, tell him to put them on. He likes to both clamp them to his nipples and place them on his cock, semi inflated, apparently it’s quite hard to slip on an inflated balloon without most of the air escaping. So there’s a knack to it, some in videos online have fully inflated balloons on their cock and are fucking them, so I guess he’s just not quite gotten the knack for doing it properly.

Balloon fetishists call themselves “looners”, and the do everything from use them as condoms, to masturbate with them. They break rather easily, so I guess you need to hunt around fort he right ones, since it would certainly put a damper on your orgasm to have it burst right before you were about to cum, and if it burst after you came, a balloon full of cum in it would send it flying everywhere. It’s just a bizarre object to use as a sex toy, but there’s no shortage of clips online showing men doing just this.

The first time this caller did this, it was a paid dominatrix that had him sitting in her lap while she slid the semi inflated balloon on his cock and moved it up and down and he’s called several times while masturbating this way, it’s harmless, just a little odd, butt hen you can only imagine the odd things we phone sex girls hear that is plenty odd. They are fairly cheap, you can buy a package of a few dozen of them for only a few dollars, and disposable, so unless it breaks and sends cum flying, pretty easy clean up and disposal. So have you tried masturbating with a balloon? Think you might like it?

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domination, BDSM, mistress, slave, submissive

One of my callers recently asked me if I do any real time, live sessions, and I said yes, I’ve been a well known domme for years. He wanted to hear some of the stories of clients that have come to me for real life punishments. I said not all want to be physically punished, some want to be given tasks to complete they know will please me, like cleaning my house, doing heavy yard work, all kinds of things depending on the one doing them. One slave regularly comes over and scrubs my floors with a toothbrush on his hands and knees.

He loves knowing he’s of true service to me, his Mistress. Another one is good at wood working and built himself a small rocking horse if you can believe it that he’s attached a sizeable dildo to and he likes to bring it over and ride it as he listens to me take calls. He can only hear my end of them of course, but he likes to hear the naughty sorts of things I say to other weak men that call and seek some humiliation from me as they are masturbating themselves.

One caller that is too far to visit has me watch him on cam and I instruct him what to do, he’s quite fond of cock and ball torture and I like to think of things to make him give himself some pain. Everything from mascara wands down his cock to filling a condom up with water and freezing it and making him insert it up his ass as he waits for it to melt and drip out, causing him hour after hour of discomfort, squirming around. It is a lot of fun to make these worms do all kinds of things they wouldn’t think to do themselves.

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femdom, female domination, submission, BDSM

There was a caller last night that told me he sees real time dominatrixes, I get callers that tell me this fairly frequently actually. I have myself worked in a sex dungeon on and off over the years entertaining men with deviant sexual desires. The all are of course submissives that visit me and like to many times be in chains, whipped, flogged, forced to be made to suck cock. They love it when I hog tie them and have a big, black guy come into the room and hold their heads while the big, black cock goes into their mouth and down their throat.

The desire for cock sucking is often an acquired taste, and once they have been forced to do it a few times, they often start to crave it on their own and are begging for it when they come back to the dungeon on their next visit. I do like watching them swallow those big cocks with gusto and get down on their knees looking up at me with their mouths open waiting for me to place a big, throbbing hard one right on their waiting tongues. They love it as look down at them with disdain and disgust and make them feel pathetic and small.

Small is one thing these submissives usually are, small between the legs in any case, that’s for sure. Most of the ones craving cock are not well endowed by any means, they are usually tiny and sissy like, even begging me to fuck them with a strap on and make them feel like a girl getting fucked. They want to be used and abused and made to feel like nasty little cum dumpsters. They know they are little cumsluts and they relish every drop of it they get to gobble up or have shot over them.

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BDSM, dom, domination, submission, control

Whenever a caller says they want me to call them Sir or Master, I know they are dominant or like to consider themselves dominant, though some are downright comical when they try and they then get mad if you laugh at them, since they think they are some overbearing dom you will do as you are told. It can be amusing to be submissive, to a point. Most callers are looking to be dominated themselves, it’s honestly quite rare ones are calling that wish to do the dominating, but it does happen. Some are fine, not that difficult to please, a few genuine sounding yelps as you clap your hands to simulate ass spanking noises and they are happy.

They understand it’s all pretend and are fairly reasonable. Other though are taking their fantasy way too seriously and expect the women answering to actually be carrying out their absurd demands, guess what fellas, it’s make believe on our end, too! If ones are enveloped in the fantasy and they understand it’s all to sound believable, but not actually be believable, then we will all get along just fine. A good caller years ago said phone sex is like going to the movies, it’s a temporary suspension of belief. As long as you go by those guidelines, you will be a happy camper.

Some however have very odd ideas about what this phone sex job actually entails, but I won’t go bursting too many of your bubbles boys, there needs to remain some smoke and mirrors left, where would the fun be otherwise? Some guys are based in reality, they are my favourite ones, but they can be few and far between, that is for sure. It’s a complicate mixture of fantasy, reality and disbelief. We can get you off and be your cock worshiping sluts, but do treat us with a bit of respect as well. It goes both ways.

09. January 2017 · Comments Off on Serve Me, Slave · Categories: Domination

BDSM, submission, domination, slave

One thing many callers like to ask about is if I’d like a slave, a real life slave, and what I’d make them do for me if I had one. So many callers are submissive and love the idea of a woman telling them what to do. It would indeed be fun to have a few slaves to do all the things I do not want to do. The cleaning, shopping, yard work, all sorts of things. Of course these slaves would also love if I was needing them to serve my pussy on demand as well, being available around the clock for pussy licking duties. That might come in handy.

So many have wives that tend towards the submissive side, so they don’t really have any woman to serve as they dream they could. Some even want to be whipped or flogged or beaten and slapped. Several callers have told me they have hired escorts at one point or another to meet and beat them, actually beat them up. One guy travels hundreds of miles several times a year to have women beat him up, he’s told his wife he’s fallen off his motorcycle to explain the cuts and bruises.

It seems odd ones would want to serve by being dominated to the degree that a woman is actually beating them up, but it seems to arouse them for whatever reason, and as long as they are the only ones getting hurt. Some literally wish to get down on their knees and pray and kneel before you and worship your feet or your pussy and even lick your ass. Many men that want to be slaves often have high powered jobs that mean they are always in control, so on their personal time they like to be the ones made to crawl on all fours and doing the submitting for a change.

01. October 2016 · Comments Off on Tie Me Up, Lover · Categories: Domination

BDSM, domination, submission, bondage

One of my more dominant callers was telling me about the sexy night he had with his girlfriend the other night and how he had her tied up and teased her all night long as he denied her orgasm for hours. She seemed a pretty good sport about it, I’d have been practically crying if someone denied me orgasm that long. He’d tied her arms up behind her back and had her sitting on a chair he’d also tied her ankles to the chair legs to and he was walking around the chair teasing her with a feather all over her nipples.

She was squirming in the chair and trying to get him to tease her pussy, but he’d placed a ball gag in her mouth so she couldn’t speak and she was just bucking and trying to get him to touch her and make her cum. He’d placed a blindfold on her as well so she couldn’t see what he was about to do and he said as she moved around, he could see the juices from her pussy making her cunt lips all glistening and wet and begging to be touched as he laughed.

He finally reached down and began to tease her clit with his finger and she bucked against it and made her clit touch his finger and he worked it all over it and she was sweating when was getting so worked up and finally she came all over hid fingers and he brought them to her lips and made her suck them after her removed the ball gag and she then begged for him to fuck her, which he finally did after teasing her for hours and she finally came again and again all over his hard cock as he filled her with his cum. I was kind of turned on listening to him for sure.