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BDSM, submission, domination, slave

One thing many callers like to ask about is if I’d like a slave, a real life slave, and what I’d make them do for me if I had one. So many callers are submissive and love the idea of a woman telling them what to do. It would indeed be fun to have a few slaves to do all the things I do not want to do. The cleaning, shopping, yard work, all sorts of things. Of course these slaves would also love if I was needing them to serve my pussy on demand as well, being available around the clock for pussy licking duties. That might come in handy.

So many have wives that tend towards the submissive side, so they don’t really have any woman to serve as they dream they could. Some even want to be whipped or flogged or beaten and slapped. Several callers have told me they have hired escorts at one point or another to meet and beat them, actually beat them up. One guy travels hundreds of miles several times a year to have women beat him up, he’s told his wife he’s fallen off his motorcycle to explain the cuts and bruises.

It seems odd ones would want to serve by being dominated to the degree that a woman is actually beating them up, but it seems to arouse them for whatever reason, and as long as they are the only ones getting hurt. Some literally wish to get down on their knees and pray and kneel before you and worship your feet or your pussy and even lick your ass. Many men that want to be slaves often have high powered jobs that mean they are always in control, so on their personal time they like to be the ones made to crawl on all fours and doing the submitting for a change.

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