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BDSM, domination, submission, bondage

One of my more dominant callers was telling me about the sexy night he had with his girlfriend the other night and how he had her tied up and teased her all night long as he denied her orgasm for hours. She seemed a pretty good sport about it, I’d have been practically crying if someone denied me orgasm that long. He’d tied her arms up behind her back and had her sitting on a chair he’d also tied her ankles to the chair legs to and he was walking around the chair teasing her with a feather all over her nipples.

She was squirming in the chair and trying to get him to tease her pussy, but he’d placed a ball gag in her mouth so she couldn’t speak and she was just bucking and trying to get him to touch her and make her cum. He’d placed a blindfold on her as well so she couldn’t see what he was about to do and he said as she moved around, he could see the juices from her pussy making her cunt lips all glistening and wet and begging to be touched as he laughed.

He finally reached down and began to tease her clit with his finger and she bucked against it and made her clit touch his finger and he worked it all over it and she was sweating when was getting so worked up and finally she came all over hid fingers and he brought them to her lips and made her suck them after her removed the ball gag and she then begged for him to fuck her, which he finally did after teasing her for hours and she finally came again and again all over his hard cock as he filled her with his cum. I was kind of turned on listening to him for sure.

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