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BDSM, dom, domination, submission, control

Whenever a caller says they want me to call them Sir or Master, I know they are dominant or like to consider themselves dominant, though some are downright comical when they try and they then get mad if you laugh at them, since they think they are some overbearing dom you will do as you are told. It can be amusing to be submissive, to a point. Most callers are looking to be dominated themselves, it’s honestly quite rare ones are calling that wish to do the dominating, but it does happen. Some are fine, not that difficult to please, a few genuine sounding yelps as you clap your hands to simulate ass spanking noises and they are happy.

They understand it’s all pretend and are fairly reasonable. Other though are taking their fantasy way too seriously and expect the women answering to actually be carrying out their absurd demands, guess what fellas, it’s make believe on our end, too! If ones are enveloped in the fantasy and they understand it’s all to sound believable, but not actually be believable, then we will all get along just fine. A good caller years ago said phone sex is like going to the movies, it’s a temporary suspension of belief. As long as you go by those guidelines, you will be a happy camper.

Some however have very odd ideas about what this phone sex job actually entails, but I won’t go bursting too many of your bubbles boys, there needs to remain some smoke and mirrors left, where would the fun be otherwise? Some guys are based in reality, they are my favourite ones, but they can be few and far between, that is for sure. It’s a complicate mixture of fantasy, reality and disbelief. We can get you off and be your cock worshiping sluts, but do treat us with a bit of respect as well. It goes both ways.

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