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sex toy, balloons, submissive man

Now balloons to most people do not seem inherently sexy, but no matter the object, you can be certain someone, somewhere has masturbated with it in some capacity. This one caller is into fucking balloons, he likes dominant women to make him do it, tell him to put them on. He likes to both clamp them to his nipples and place them on his cock, semi inflated, apparently it’s quite hard to slip on an inflated balloon without most of the air escaping. So there’s a knack to it, some in videos online have fully inflated balloons on their cock and are fucking them, so I guess he’s just not quite gotten the knack for doing it properly.

Balloon fetishists call themselves “looners”, and the do everything from use them as condoms, to masturbate with them. They break rather easily, so I guess you need to hunt around fort he right ones, since it would certainly put a damper on your orgasm to have it burst right before you were about to cum, and if it burst after you came, a balloon full of cum in it would send it flying everywhere. It’s just a bizarre object to use as a sex toy, but there’s no shortage of clips online showing men doing just this.

The first time this caller did this, it was a paid dominatrix that had him sitting in her lap while she slid the semi inflated balloon on his cock and moved it up and down and he’s called several times while masturbating this way, it’s harmless, just a little odd, butt hen you can only imagine the odd things we phone sex girls hear that is plenty odd. They are fairly cheap, you can buy a package of a few dozen of them for only a few dollars, and disposable, so unless it breaks and sends cum flying, pretty easy clean up and disposal. So have you tried masturbating with a balloon? Think you might like it?

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