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Callers frequently mention they have a desire to meet a real life dominatrix. They love phone sex and enjoy what it brings them, but a real time session with a domme is a treat, many have to go quite far a field, since not all town have them. One caller that’s been to many told me of a very hot summer he put himself in the care of a cruel dominatrix that put him in a barn miles and miles from the nearest farm and he was delivered a gallon of water each day and some food, and he was kept there, naked, with not even a blanket to sleep on, just bare bales of hay.

The things people pay for to punish themselves are quite odd, but he wasn’t hurting anyone, just himself and he rather enjoyed it and he’d look forward to her coming and dropping off supplies each morning. He was too far away and naked, to run anywhere off the property, so he had to endure the ten days he’d been committed to. No way out even if he begged, and he did beg, but to no avail. He loved the sense of helplessness she inflicted on him.

Some love sex dungeons, where they can be chained, put into forced bi situations, whipped with floggers or riding crops, led around on their hands and knees in dog collars and leashes. So many men crave that deep sense of humiliation and degradation and are literally willing to pay for it. It’s fun to think of them like that, at the mercy of a powerful woman, and they love every minute of it. Many dommes are booked months in advance, there’s so many men seeking appointments for abuse. They go home bruised, broken, beaten and very, very satisfied and looking to their time they will have there.

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