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If you had any idea how many guys call up that are wearing ladies panties, you’d be shocked, a lot of them are for sure. Some have taken the panties of their wives or girlfriends, roommates, sisters, mother in laws, any woman’s knickers they have access to and they have taken them and jerked off into them or in many cases are wearing them themselves, like the true panty boys that they are. They enjoy calling up phone girls and confessing their naughty deeds they can’t tell anyone else.

One panty boy that calls up buys his own ladies panties, he likes to call and tell me the colours and styles he’s bought for himself, he calls himself, “the panty princess,” he’s a sissy, the most extreme one I’ve ever spoken to. He has so many pairs and loves to call up while masturbating. He calls his cock his “dolly” and loves to twirl around in his panties for me. He’s not surprisingly a virgin and has no real desire to be with men or women, just to masturbate and indulge his feminine side in his love of ladies panties he buys and wears while he masturbates.

Dressing up in secret is so common, even ones that are married have whole secret wardrobes and makeup kits they hide and live in fear of their wives or girlfriends finding. Panty boys have lived their whole lives in fear of ones finding out. One the other day said his wife knows but told him to be discreet about it, she doesn’t want to know about it or see it, a few have called up for phone sex and told me things like that, their partners know, but they are to keep it quiet, so they need someone to act as an outlet to talk about these things, hence their need for a phone sex girl.

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