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In the hot, summer weather, I love to go spend a day at the beach. It gives me a bit of a break from calls and lets me find something different to do, and possibly meet some naughty, young man. I was at the beach this past weekend and I did get a bit naughty, but with myself. I’d brought along some racy romance novels and the love scenes in them were pretty graphic, it’s kind of like porn for women even they can be so graphic. The beach was fairly quiet at the end I was at, the nearest people had to be the better part of a block away, they wouldn’t have been able to see anything I was doing, so I decided to masturbate right there on the beach.

I was laying on my tummy getting a tan on my back and reading one of the sexy scenes in the book I was reading and I slid my hand underneath myself and into the bottom of my bikinis and started to rub my pussy and not buck up and down too much and make a scene. I looked around and no one seemed to notice as I quickly rubbed my cunt under the hot noon day sun. I quickly came, the hot part of the book really pushed me over the edge, and then I ran into the ocean to swim for a while.

A man swam up to me that had been down the beach and he said it certainly looked like I’d been enjoying myself a bit earlier. He said he knew I was rubbing my pussy even sitting that far away. I was shocked he’d say such a thing, I guess I had not been as discreet as I’d thought I was being and he laughed and said not to worry, he doubted anyone else was watching me as he had been. When I got back home and logged on for calls, the guys asked if anything exciting had happened, and I said oh yes, and told them my naughty story of rubbing my pussy at the beach as they jerked off, they loved it.

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