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For a taboo loving boy like you, I’m betting you love a good ass to lick, don’t you now? Think of my firm, juicy ass just waiting for a tongue lashing from you. I will bend over and spread those ass cheeks and expect to feel that tongue of yours going up and down those plump ass cheeks and crack as you lick and swirl your way around from one crevice to the next. You will be on your knees, naked, perhaps a collar on your neck indicating I own you, and you will do whatever I say to you, do you understand?

Tongue fuck me and wiggle it around once it’s inside of me. Maybe if you’re lucky, I might let you lick my pussy and taste my sweet juices, but that’s a privilege you understand, not something guaranteed. You dream of running your hands all over my sweet ass and kissing every inch of it. You’d be slowly stroking your cock up and down, if I give you permission of course, as you taste and smell my ass. Maybe you enjoy a sweaty ass, like after I’ve had a workout, or been out walking around all day.

Some of you dirty boys have even told me how much you like a sweaty, dirty ass to worship. Maybe one that hasn’t even been showered for a couple of days, I know how filthy some of you dirty bastards are! You revel in your own perversions, and want to have all that filth to yourselves. I’d be happy to sit right on your face and grind around. Some of you are even into fart fetish and enjoy nothing more than a big puff of stinky fart in your face. Being degraded is the a big turn on to many of you dirty boys, I know!

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