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I had some hot phone sex the other night with one of the sexy callers I’ve got that gave me a call here. I really had a good time with this one, like some men that call, he was in a hotel on a business trip. Many callers call when out of town like that since they are away from their wife or girlfriend and don’t have anyone to fuck and their gal isn’t really into phone sex, though I so don’t get that, it’s so much fun!

So this poor guy hadn’t cum in a week when he called and he was horny as fuck and wanted some company while he masturbated and he chose me to talk to and I was happy to help get him off and push him over the edge. He was sitting on the edge of his hotel room bed and he had the in house porn movie going, but it wasn’t quite enough to push him over the edge, he wanted some live interaction and he was very glad for the sound of another human voice on the line to help him out. I could hear the porn playing in the background, many times callers will have porn going in the background on calls. Sometimes they will even ask if I’m at the computer and direct me to the right URL to the one they are watching and we can watch it together.

He was quite worked up and was stroking his dick hard and fast, I could tell from his breathing and he was getting close. I said a few words I knew would push him over the edge that seem to act as triggers in most guys and that did the trick he shot rope after rope of cum as I guided him. He was one satisfied man after I got through with him!

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