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I’ve always been a bad girl, now that I’ve turned eighteen though, I don’t need to worry as much about getting the guys I play with in trouble. I’ve always been horny, and I took to this job on the phone lines right away. I’ve always loved to masturbate and cum, and now I get paid to, what’s not to love? It’s a lot of fun money or not, but horny guys calling me up at all hours that want me to help get them off, I’m kind of in a perpetual state of horniness, if you know what I mean!

A man called last night and he was stroking his cock for me and he asked me how old I was and I said I’d just turned eighteen and he got so excited when I told him that. He said his daughter was my age and he’d thought about her when he jerked his cock off sometimes and would I like him to fuck me if I was there and I said of course I would, I had my hand down my panties for the better part of the night. I loved to rub my young, wet, teen pussy and make it all slick with my juices as the callers rubbed their throbbing hard cocks for me.

I teased my clit as he smoothed his hand up and down his cock, spreading the freely flowing precum all over his hard shaft as I closed my eyes and imagined it. I could even hear that squishy noise as he slid his hand up and down. It turned me on a lot, and he asked for me to do the same, to put the phone down so he could hear my wet pussy, and it wasn’t long after that he came and I did too.

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