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female domination, servitude, slave

There’s many different types of female domination of her male slaves. Some want the whole whips and chains and leather masks, others are more subtle, and just wish to enslave their men. Some callers that have such fantasies are often into female superiority and even chastity, they want to serve women and be submissive to them in any way possible. They dream of being made to clean, serve, shop, garden, the most menial of tasks for Mistress is an honour for them to carry out.

It’s a more sensual type of domination, they need not be physically punished and kept in line, they do so willingly and realize what a true honour it is to serve their Mistress and be at their beck and call for any task, from cleaning the bathroom, to orally servicing their pussy and even the pussies of their friends. Several callers of mine have such female superiority fantasies and love to describe in detail all the things they would do to please me. Everything from chores to going to glory holes and servicing other men and sending me the proceeds they would make from their cock sucking for cash all to donate to Mistress.

Others that have a bit more willfulness to them do need to be kept in chastity, since they cannot be trusted to keep their hands off the goods. Slaves will only be allowed to orgasm when and if Mistress is feeling generous and allows it. It can be hard at times to keep a slave in line, sometimes they just get so horny, they overstep their limits that have been laid out for them. It is fun for me to dominate men, as I think most men need to be by a strong woman that thinks more clearly than they do.

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