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Christmas can be a very sexy time of the year, if you have time to fit some fun in. We all know December is usually a hectic month, and it’s often difficult to fit fun in during such a hectic month. I had some fun with my neighbour just last week. He knows I work the phone lines and he came over looking for my roommate and they were out, so I invited him to have some cookies and eggnog while he waited. My line rang while he was there and I did the call with him right there, he could of course only hear my half of the call. It was a hot one.

He came over and knelt in front of me as I spoke on the phone giving a vivid blow job description to the client I was talking to and then a pussy licking description and he started to pull my skirt up and pull my panties down and he was enacting everything I was talking to the caller about and I could barely contain myself. I only needed to say how I wanted it done and he was doing it. The caller said I really sounded like I was into the call and it was so hot, having my clit licked on, my shaved pussy lips being sucked into his mouth, his hands reaching up and groping my breasts.

I was getting so wet and was afraid the caller would hear what was really going on as I spoke to him, but then he would likely enjoy knowing that was going on as I talked to him! I could feel the waves of orgasm approaching me as his tongue lapped at my pink, juicy, wet folds and my clit was stiff and at attention, he was driving me wild and it was all I could do to carry on an intelligent conversation I was so distracted with being eaten out this way while on a call. I grabbed him by the head, just mashing my pussy into his face, urging him to lick harder as I bucked against his mouth as I was talking to this clueless, masturbating caller. All of a sudden I just came explosively and the caller grew silent, I guess he just figured I was masturbating with him and he had no clue a man was between my thighs going down on me. It was a fun call!

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