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Hey, I’m an everyday girl with a naughty job doing phone sex, nothing wrong with that, is there now? I get pretty horny and I’m between boyfriends now, so I figured this would be a fun thing to do and earn some money besides. What more could you ask for than to play with the girl next door? I may not look like a Playboy model, but I’m cute I get told and I have a helluva sex drive, I can promise you that!

I love giving guys blow jobs, it gives me so much pleasure to give someone else that kind of erotic experience. To know it’s because of me they are hard as a rock and going wild. Holding their dick in my hand and slowly and sensually pumping it up and down as I lick the head of it like an ice cream cone, licking all the precum off of it. Cupping your balls, feeling your hand on the back of my head pushing up and down as I deep throat your shaft. Lightly gagging on it. You love that sound, don’t you? So many guys love that gagging sound I make as I deep throat them, especially if the guy has a bigger cock. Sometimes it’s a bit of a challenge to get my mouth all around it, but I’ve always managed so far!

Many guys love blowing their load all over my tits as well and seeing their ropes of cum shoot all over my nipples and drip off of me and then me lick it off by lifting my breasts up to my mouth and sucking on my own nipples to lick all that salty cum off of them. Lots of times I could be fingering my own cunt as I lick it off of one tit. Would you like to watch that if you were here in front of me? My fingers slowly going in and out of my pussy as I suck your cock, your breathing deepening as you get ready to fuck me and pound that pussy that’s dripping wet.

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