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mistress, racial humiliation

I am a cruel and mean bitch on the phone to my slaves that call me. Many men call for different ways to be made fun or, mocked, teased and humiliated. Racial humiliation is always fun. It’s not difficult to knock the lesser races, and they are paying to have me do just that to them. The blacks that call with their inferiority complexes and I only have to tell them it’s not just a complex, it’s a fact. Racial humiliation phone sex is very fun and easy for me to do.

They know they are not as good as whites and they love for me to make fun of them. Tell them they are of strong back and weak mind and were put on this planet to serve the other races. The slurs they love for me to heap on them, it’s very amusing to me to be able to freely call someone something they’d literally attack you for in the street if you called it out to them. But there is a time and there is a place. They crave it, especially when they are feeling sexual. Some even have white skank girlfriends to spit in their face and call them names as they are getting fucked. They know they are only good for labor, the ones that aren’t too lazy that is, and fucking the women of white men with undersized cocks. Many black men do know their place.

A Mistress is only too happy to point it out. The perfect Aryan Goddess that can put them in their place once and for all and show them what they are made for. Work and fucking. Racial humiliation can be so easy and fun, other races call on occasion as well, but it is usually blacks that call and they are very polite when they do as well, they know their place when they are dealing with a phone Mistress and that place is one of subservience and respect. They know they are lucky if I’d let them lick the bottoms of my feet or my ass. It would be a privileged for them to do so to me.

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