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A caller last night told me he’s been into phone sex since high school, he used to phone up girls in his class and they’d talk and masturbate together. After he finished school though, he found it harder and harder to find for free phone sex partners, so he turned to paid calls on phone sex lines. He was telling me about the effect the voices of certain women have on him, how it makes his cock so hard and turns him on almost as much as real sex does. The sounds, the moans, how much he loves to have a woman hear him cum as he strokes himself.

He was naked and watching porn in the background, I could hear the animated moans coming from his computer as I spoke to him. He was watching lesbian porn and saying he wished it was me in the porno he was watching. I asked him if he had his cock in his hand and was rubbing it for me and he said yes, he’d lubed it up and was teasing the head of his dick with his thumb, rubbing all his precum all over it in little circles. He liked to squeeze the head of his cock and make it ooze.

He massaged his balls as I told him to, he seemed to enjoy the guided masturbation experience. I told him to imagine I was there with him and watching his stroke it for me as I sat down beside him. I said to grip your shaft and slowly stroke it up and down and repeat until you couldn’t stand it anymore, that you were to go ever so much faster, driving yourself into a frenzy until you just had to cum and cum he did. The porn blaring in the background and his cum all over his hand. Always fun to help someone masturbate.

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