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A lot of men are dominant, obviously, it’s how nature intended. Not all though fit into this box though, some like the female partner to be in charge and they like being led around like dogs on collars, sometimes literally. The idea that a woman is going to put them in their place is exactly what gets them off, and many times it’s men in positions of power, like cops, lawyers, doctors, powerful jobs where they are used to calling the shots and being in control. It’s exactly that sort of power reversal that appeals to them, the fact that they are not in charge and someone else has total control of their orgasm.

Men like that often enjoy spanking, being paddled, the old fashioned type of corporal punishments that may have been inflicted on them decades ago when they were in school and often by female teachers they might have been sexually attracted to. So now they seek out ball busting bitches that will make them suffer before they orgasm, if they even are allowed to and possibly might be put in a chastity device or whipped into total submission, or perhaps teased and denied altogether, with no orgasm as payoff for their suffering.

A man called last night that had been in a chastity device for nearly two months and he wasn’t allowed out for a few weeks more, so I asked why he was calling and he said his Mistress had instructed him to call and get further worked up and teased, even though there was no way that he’d be allowed to cum, I asked if he was aroused and he said his cock was dripping out of the cock cage, but it’s inner teeth were digging into his cock the more aroused he got. Silly men, I’m happy to get them riled up

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