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I’m relatively new to the world of phone sex, I did it a few times with previous boyfriends, but decided recently to see what it would be like to do it in a professional capacity. I’ve been blown away. What other job is there where you can hear so many guys cum? Even a hooker can only see so many guys a day, many times I hear dozens of different guys orgasm on the phone for me as they masturbate. I never knew how turned on I could get listening to other people cum. I get wet all the time, and I have a high sex drive, so it’s been a good match job wise for me.

I just can’t help but slide my hand down my panties and separate my cunt lips with my fingers, seeking out my stiffened little clit as I listen to these guys play with themselves on the phone night and day. I’ve never had so many orgasms in my life! I love hearing about all the different fantasies they have, things I’d never think of in a million years they imagine as they masturbate. Many times a past experience decades ago will still turn out to be their go to fantasy after all these years.

Knowing they are sharing things with me they haven’t even told their wives about, things they’d never want them to know, yet they share them with me so easily, it’s like a privileged position to be in to hear it all. One guy last night was calling me and whispering almost, since he was spying on a naked neighbour in the condo unit next to his, there was a small hole in the wall that he was looking at her through as he rubbed his cock and watched her undress. He said the night before she’d masturbated and he’d gotten to watch it, naughty man, he is. I look forward to hearing lots more fantasies of the callers.

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