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Sometimes the phone can ring at unexpected moments when you are a phone sex operator. Some of us like to keep the lines turned on all the time and not during a few set hours. Well last week I was in a dressing room trying clothes on and my phone rang. The store was fairly busy, so there was a lot of background noise so my voice wouldn’t really be heard that well by ones in the other dressing rooms. This caller happens to be one of my favorites and I do like to masturbate and cum with him.

He loved it when I told him I was in a semi public place and he wanted me to masturbate right there in the dressing room, I said I couldn’t, what if someone heard, or the saleslady came to check on me, some are very pussy and do not give you much privacy and are knocking on the door every three minutes or asking how the garment you took in fits, but he loves risky sex and begged me to do it, I was a bit horny and feeling naughty, so I did it. Right there in the dressing room!

I told him this would have to be a quickie, for me anyway, since I couldn’t risk getting caught and in trouble with the store. He said fine, rub one out as fast as you can, so I slipped my hand down my pants and into my panties and was rubbing my clit like there was no tomorrow and I bet I came in under three minutes. I can cum quickly if I need to, and I had just finished zipping back up when the saleslady was knocking on the door, I grabbed the outfit and took it to the cash register and bought it without even trying it on, I just wanted to get out of there. I could hear him laughing on the phone as I walked out and paid for my purchase.

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