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It’s a nice thing to have a mature, adult conversation about erotic things. Many times people just hook up casually with others they met in a bar or on some online dating or hook up site. It’s nice there is a safer alternative for ones that would like company while they have their orgasm, but no worries of disease, pregnancy or the emotional entanglements that can sometimes arise from one person during a one night stand.

Adult phone sex can be many things to many people. Some men absolutely only call to talk and engage in conversation, they are many times lonely and have no lady in their life to talk to and love to have a woman’s perspective on things and phone sex is cheaper than an escort. One man that used to call me for strictly adult conversation had seen escorts just to talk tot hem as well, he said it was like the live version of phone sex for him, yet neither resulted in his having an orgasm, he just liked the company of talking to someone.

Most however are certainly calling to masturbate. They are lonely, they are horny and if they have a wife or a girlfriend they certainly aren’t giving them enough of what they need. Many wives shut down years ago and feel totally entitled to be that way. I certainly can’t blame the poor souls for looking for a scrap of affection, even if it’s only over the phone by having some adult phone sex. They enjoy sharing their orgasm and being talked dirty to and helped to cum by hearing naughty descriptions of what they would like done to them and them to do to you. The imagination and fantasies that come into play really are very arousing for most. Adult phone sex, call us up and try some tonight!

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