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How would you like to make your solo masturbation experience even hotter than it usually is? A good orgasm can be turned into a great orgasm by the addition of another person. Don’t have a girlfriend at the moment and not sure about an escort? Then phone sex can be just the ticket you’re looking for. A soft, comforting voice to talk to you as you masturbate might be just the pick me up your masturbation routine needs.

Porn is popular, but it’s not interactive. You cannot talk to the girl on the screen and have her reply back to you about your particular fantasy. Porn also can greatly desensitize you and leave it even more difficult for you to achieve orgasm. Once in a while is fine, but if you find you are turning to porn to watch every single time you masturbate, you are going to have a problem. Some guys even need to have porn on when they are having sex with a woman, way to go to bruise her ego that she is not enough, that is a downright insult to do that to someone. If they like it too, fine, but don’t do that unless you know they want it on as well.

Phone sex is naturally better, it’s real sex sounds you would be hearing if you were with another person. The moans, the groans, the hot talking you both enjoy as you are masturbating together. You may not actually be fucking the one you are talking with, but the sounds and naughty words are about as close as you are about to get. Phone sex can absolutely make your masturbation more of a satisfying thing to be doing, so why not call up one of our naughty ladies tonight and have some fun on the phone, you will have a much better orgasm than alone for certain.

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