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It’s really not difficult to get some of the submissive worms who call here to cry on calls. I had one last night that was crying, a 27 year old virgin with a 4 1/2 inch penis. Oh what a pitiful case he was. Crying about how no woman anted him, still living at home with his parents, masturbating in his childhood bedroom, lamenting that even an escort would reject him and laugh at him. They very well might he seemed so pathetic! So there he sat, tiny dick in hand rubbing away to me, a phone Mistress listening to him blather on.

I guess it’s a good thing losers like him even have phone sex Mistresses to call, since their chances of real life success are slim to none. I pride myself on being good at small penis humiliation and forced bi, it’s fun to watch some of these losers take a cock down their throats and be a little bitch for me. Many times dolled up in lingerie, so many call while dressed up like little fags in their stockings, heels, bras, panties and garter belts. They love getting dressed up as they masturbate and many times love the idea of getting fucked with a strap on I’m wearing as I tell them to suck that dick that’s been presented to them.

They crave domination and humiliation, they aren’t getting it from their clueless wives, so they seek Mistresses to make it a reality for them. They need to be told what to to, led around by leashes and told to worship that pussy and do as they are told. I bet you like to be degraded and humiliated, don’t you? You wouldn’t be reading this post otherwise unless it was an interest, you naughty boy! So, just what is your particular kink you wish to dominated or humiliated about? Give me a call and let’s explore that kink together. Do it now!!!

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