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Has it been a while since you called a phone sex line? Maybe you’ve never even called one at all and been making do with porn online. Porn is not interactive and is one sided, imagine if you were talking to someone and having a real time interactive conversation about your naughtiest and dirtiest fantasy? Doesn’t that sound more exciting and involved and personalized? The porn actresses aren’t calling out your name and aren’t talking to you personally. Phone sex can give you a much more memorable masturbatory experience than rubbing one out alone. Physically you’re still feeling the same things, but there’s no emotional engagement, no shared experience with another person.

Most people enjoy porn once in a while when they masturbate, but a phone sex call with an experienced operator that’s giving you a back and forth talk as you stroke your hard, throbbing cock is another thing entirely and something you may have been missing out on if you haven’t been treating yourself to phone sex once in a while. We know just the right words to get you going, those special triggers that just drive men wild. Many say that phone sex is just below real sex on the satisfaction scale, with none of the pressures or worries of real life interactions.

Phone sex is indeed alive and well, many think everyone wants to watch cams, but watching a woman masturbate is not what many clients that call are looking for. They are seeking an in depth exploration of their darkest fantasies on a personal level, that is not to be gotten by watching some woman use toys on herself on a computer screen. That’s an entirely different kind of experience than adult phone sex is, they are totally different animals. There are still men out there of all ages from 18-100 that like some naughty talk in their ear as they caress their cock. What are you waiting for, let’s masturbate.

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