21. November 2014 · Comments Off on A Little Something Different · Categories: Domination

Recently I read those sexy books everyone’s been talking about, 50 Shades of Grey, and I finally decided to take the plunge and ask my boyfriend if he’d like to try and get into some light, fun BDSM stuff. Nothing extreme, just some light bondage and blindfolds, that kind of thing. We actually had a fantastic time the night that we tried it. I asked if he’d tie my wrists up to the bedposts and blindfold me.

He did that, he wasn’t sure what to do really, he never read the books and didn’t have any experience with any of this sort of thing. He was keen to learn though, so we played it by ear. I’d gotten a few items, like a feather duster, some chocolate body paint and asked him if when I was tied up if he’d do things to me and tease me. He started by lightly running the feather duster all over my body and especially all over my nipples, getting them all hard and sticking out. Then I felt some gooey liquid dripping over me and it was the chocolate body paint. He’d gagged me so I couldn’t talk and I felt him using the fine tipped brush of the kit spreading the chocolate over my breast in some sort of swirling design.

Then I felt his warm, wet tongue licking it off and sucking on the very tips of my nipple. I could hear the light smacking as he licked off all of it. It felt so delicious! Then my feet were tied to the bedposts and I was spread eagle, open and waiting. I felt his tongue and lips kissing down my belly to my pussy and was wet and waiting for his mouth when it finally touched my cunt. My lips spread open like a flower for him and I arched my back when I finally felt the tip of his tongue on my clit. It was ecstasy and he worked it over me until I came on his tongue. It was an evening to remember!

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