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Do you enjoy the thought of being humiliated by someone local? Then give me a call, because I am local and I do love to berate guys over the phone. One of my favorite topics to make fun of a man on is the size of his penis. So many guys that call have pitifully small cocks. After all, if they were hung like horses they wouldn’t be calling a phone sex line, would they now? They’d be fighting off the ladies that are all interested in giving their nine incher out for a ride!

Masturbation is for everyone I know, not just the tiny dicked ones, but their luck with the ladies is even more impeded that average, so it’s only natural that they have to rub one out alone a lot more than a large dicked guy would have to. Some of the pictures that guys have emailed me, oh boy, they are pitiful cases to be sure. Some are smaller than acorns, there’s bigger clits out there than some of their cocks. Small penis humiliation comes rather naturally to me, since I did at one time have a tiny dicked boyfriend, but it didn’t last long. I simply could not contend with his miniature noodle that he called a cock. I started seeing other guys behind his back, then didn’t even bother trying to be discreet.

He knew he was lucky to have any of my time at all, so he just accepted the fact that I was going to be with other men. He learned to live with it and accept it. So I know first hand what it’s like dealing with a small dick wonder such as yourselves. The premature ejaculation that seems to come with having a tiny cock, not 100% of the time, but a good deal. There’s lots of guys in your boat and sadly many disappointed women that must contend with you blokes. So if you want to feel even worse about yourself, if that’s even possible, feel free to call me up and I will tell you what a worthless nothing you really are, it will be my pleasure.

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