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Have you always had a thing for older women? Maybe you had naughty thoughts of mommy when you first started masturbating, it’s ok, sweetie, so many guys have that fantasy, nothing to worry about. Maybe it wasn’t mommy, but an aunt, or a neighbor or a teacher. There’s lots of older women that men fantasize about and imagine they are the ones stroking their cocks as they masturbate. They want the teacher to teach them alright, but not history or geometry, they want them to teach them to masturbate and how to lick pussy. Those are things naughty boys are fantasizing about learning from the older women.

There’s lots of more mature gals working on phone sex lines. They still get horny, but their husbands may no longer be interested, but they haven’t stopped touching their pussies, and talking to masturbating men on the phone is just the thing that gets them to slip their hand down their panties and start to caress those mature pussy lips and bring themselves to one orgasm after the next. Some of you naughty men even have a thing for pubic hair, you all aren’t into the bald pussies, some of you want a nice, curly grandma muff in your face to lick, don’t you, now?

Granny is horny, and she will be pleased and feel lucky to have a younger man paying her attention rather than having to masturbate all the time alone. Do you want to talk to granny and help get her off? Some callers are really into the ultra mature over seventy set. They maybe saw their own granny getting undressed and were peeking at her when they were growing up and it might have been responsible for their first boner, so you can see why some guys like to talk to a mature woman and rub one out as they do so, it brings back fond memories.

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