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This man called, and he’s called a few times and he just doesn’t have a girlfriend and he likes to play things out when he jerks off, pretty simple really. He has a thing for a the new girl in his office and he likes to talk about what would happen if one night after work they;d both stayed a bit late and are the last two left in the office and he sees this as his opportunity and jumps at it and she’s not giving him any fight either, he finds out she’s just as attracted to him as he is to her.

I tell him I’d go over to his desk and bend over wearing my blouse unbuttoned a bit too much, and how he can see all the way down my top. He reaches up and gropes my breasts and find my nipples erect and craving attention. He unbuttons my blouse and then unhooks my bra, my breasts falling free from their satiny prison and more demanding of his attention. He lifted me up onto his desk and pushed my skirt up past my hips and pulled my panties to the side exposing my pussy. He was sitting in his desk chair as I was perched on the desk, one foot on each arm rest. He lowered his mouth to my shaved, dripping cunt, I flinched at his touch, his warm tongue sliding all over my juicy pussy lips.

I arched my back in anticipation of his tongue all over my clit, and he didn’t disappoint me. I was going wild from his mouth on me when he pulled me off the desk and bent me over it, fucking me and pounding me with his hard cock making the whole desk shake a bit with each thrust. He grabbed my tits and squeezed them hard as we fucked there over the desk. He shot a huge load of cum into me right as I was clenching down on his cock, and it was one of the best orgasms I’d had in ages. He really did love his office girl fantasy.

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