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You get horny and masturbate just like any other guy, right? Have you tried any phone sex in a while that can vastly improve your masturbatory experience? Lots of phone sex providers are sexy, young college students that do this job to help pay down their tuition costs. It’s something that many also enjoy since they are perpetually horny and they masturbate a good deal anyway, so why not talk to horny guys and also get paid to do so as they get off? Phone sex is a lot of fun, and many people think it doesn’t even exist anymore, but it does, and ones that knock it haven’t tried it.

Some guys might be content with two dimensional porn that has zero interaction with anyone, but having that back and forth conversation, there’s nothing like it, it doesn’t compare to watching porn for a few minutes and getting off to some robotic looking porn actors. Do you have unique fantasies you’d rather not mention to your wife and girlfriend? Lots of guys do, they know if they mentioned some of the kinky fantasies they have, their women would up and leave them high and dry, but to share it with another person that isn’t in their day to day life, that’s safe and has no impact on their relationship.

Masturbation is by nature a solo act, but by sharing it with another person, listening to them talk sexy to you, or you confessing your fantasies to them, just knowing another person is listening to you as you masturbate, especially a young college girl, that is what makes it a more exciting experience and one that is downright addictive. You will love the idea of that voice in your ear as you stroke yourself. Give one of our sexy, young ladies a call and see what she can do for you and your cock tonight!

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