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One of my callers was telling me about a “retreat” he went on last summer and how he’s considering doing it again this summer, but it was pretty brutal and he’s not sure if he can tolerate it again, but he’s thinking about it. He somehow crossed paths with a Russian dominatrix and he said she’s the meanest he’s ever been to and yet he loved it. He paid her thousands of dollars to keep him in a barn in the middle of nowhere for two weeks with not even a stitch of clothing.

It was very hot last summer, near one hundred degrees for many days on end and she drove him to this barn out in the middle of nowhere and she came by every other day and dropped off a couple of gallons of water in jugs and some meager portions of food for him. He wasn’t even given so much as a blanket to sleep on, he had to sleep on the bales of itchy hay on his bare skin and he was so far out he hadn’t a prayer of walking anywhere and as he had no clothes, he couldn’t go walking down the road in the nude.

He was left his cell phone, and he called me a few times crying about his predicament and if he’d get out of there alive and I laughed at him, saying you paid this woman to do this to you! He was never sure if she’d come back with more food and water, but she always did and at the end of his paid retreat, she took him back to her house to shower and get clothes on and then she dropped him off at his house. It left him slightly traumatized, but he had paid for the experience, so I didn’t have any sympathy for him.

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