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If there’s one thing barely legal teens are good at giving, it’s teen phone sex. Most of the little minx’s haven’t been having real sex for too terribly long, but phone sex is a good introduction for them to the real thing in many cases. We know how you drool about the sexy, young things and the way they like to tease older men. Would you like to see one start to suck on a lollipop and imagine it’s your dripping cock? We bet the answer to that is yes.

Maybe you’ve always had a thing for that hot friend of your daughter. You know the one, the one that’s practically spilling out of her top and loves to wiggle her hot young ass when she walks just to tease you and drive you crazy and see that bulge form in your pants every time she comes around to see your daughter. Maybe she’s just pretending to come around to see your daughter and it’s really you she’s coming over to try and tease and get a rise out of. You know how fucking horny you always are after a visit from her to your house. Think of that time she and your daughter were sunbathing in the backyard and she was lathering suntan oil all over herself. You think she didn’t know you were watching? She did.

You masturbated like a fiend watching her as you sat on the edge of your bed and watched her as she smoothed it all over her inner thighs. She even grazed those young pussy lips a few times, didn’t she. She was wearing sunglasses though and you couldn’t see she was staring right at you and smirking to herself she knew she was turning you on incredibly. She might not have known you were actually masturbating as you watched, but she knew the effect she was having on you. Well it’s just this kind of teasing slut we have working here answering the phones. They love to tease pervy men like you as they rub their young pussies.

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