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When was the last time you had phone sex? Has it been a while? Masturbation is a lot more fun with someone than doing it alone, just try and see the difference. I had a caller last night that said he had not had sex with his wife in over three years, but he won’t leave her, won’t go to an escort, he needs to be bitch slapped if you ask me, but he finds solace in calling phone sex lines. That and masturbation is all he’s got in the way of sexual release. He lives in the guest room and watches porn and that’s the extent of his sexual life for the foreseeable future unless he leaves. Pathetic really.

He fantasizes about having an insatiable wife that’s ready for sex at a moments notice and would give him blow jobs any time he wants. He hasn’t had one of them since before they were married. I describe how every night when he comes home from work while dinner is cooking that I would sit him down and give him such a wonderful, long, slow, wet, juicy blow job that he’d think he’d died and gone to heaven.

He’s usually watching porn in the background when he calls, I can hear the volume of it in the background and know he’s wishing the girl in the porno would crawl out of the screen and into his bed and fuck his brains out like he’s not been fucked in many a year. He has such a high sex drive and his own hand is all he’s got. Well to all you masochists out there like this one that will not allow the Ice Princess to release her grasp on you, there’s lots of us phone sex girls just waiting to drain your balls and give you some red hot fun that you’re so desperately craving. So pick up that phone right now.

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